Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s ever changing world, we are bombarded with information and it is hard if not impossible to determine what information is credible. This is why when many of us are faced with an important decision, rely on experts to help us.

  • We use family doctors to help locate medical specialists.
  • We use stock brokers to help find the best investments.
  • We use real estate agents to find the perfect home.
  • Why let finding a lawyer be any different?
  • You should use American Justice Network to find you the right lawyer.

Why should I use American Justice Network to find my attorney?

At American Justice Network, we take the guess work out of locating a lawyer. American Justice Network is an elite matchmaking service owned and run by legal professionals with a proven track record in successfully connecting clients with lawyers. We know the lawyers that other lawyers turn to when they need legal representation.

If you or a loved one has suffered a significant injury, American Justice Network will work for you in locating a lawyer who is right for you and suited for your needs while you work on recovering physically, emotionally and economically from your trauma. If you have suffered a loss, you should spend more time focusing on recovering while we search for the right lawyer for you. Do not compound your problem by hiring the wrong lawyer.

After we introduce clients to lawyers, we stay involved, monitor progress and listen to the feedback from both parties. This enables us to effectively make sure that the clients have properly communicated with the lawyers and the lawyers have adequately and properly communicated with our clients. In addition, throughout the entire claim or lawsuit process we are at your disposal to help you communicate and interact with your lawyer.

Before we connect a client to one of our Network certified lawyers, we pre-screen each case and each lawyer. By getting to know and develop working relationships with all of our certified lawyers, you get to benefit from our relationships and knowledge and our inside legal connections become your connections.

Do insurance companies and defendants consider who my attorney is when determining how much they want to offer in settlement of my claim?

Yes. It’s a fact that insurance companies and defendants consider who the lawyer is when determining if they want to settle a claim and how much to pay. In a recent Federal Court case, a representative designated by one of the largest insurance companies in the world to speak for them, was asked what factors claim handlers use when determining the value of a claim. The insurance company representative indicated that not only do they consider if there is a lawyer but they strongly consider who the lawyer is.

At American Justice Network, we do not think defendants and insurance companies should consider anything other than the damages suffered but the reality is they do and having the right lawyer on your side is the first and probably the most important step in obtaining justice and being fully compensated.

As a further example of how the “right lawyer” can effect a person’s recovery; in a recent case, a non-American Justice Network certified lawyer at a pre-trial conference attempted to convince an insurance company/lawyer to settle a case for $160,000. At the settlement conference, the Judge supported the demands of the claimant and suggested the insurance company pay the $160,000 demand. The defendant refused. Within the next few days, an American Justice Network certified lawyer was retained as replacement trial counsel. The claimant, withdraw the offer to settle for $160,000 and made a new demand to settle for all of the insurance coverage available which was $1,000,000. Within weeks of the pre-trial conference, the case settled for $950,000. It is believed that the only difference which caused the higher settlement was the representation of the plaintiff by an American Justice Network certified lawyer. None of the facts of the case changed.

This is a true past example but should not be considered as a representation relating to future cases as past successes do not guarantee future results and all cases and situations are unique.

How much will is cost to utilize the services of American Justice Network?

There are no up-front fees or retainers to utilize the services of American Justice Network. All of the lawyers in our Network provide representation on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee means the lawyer’s fee is contingent upon a successful outcome and is 100% dependent on achieving a favorable result. The amount of the legal fee is based upon a percentage of compensation recovered for the client. In other words, the lawyer only gets paid if he wins for you.

Do all lawyers use a contingency fee agreement?

Most lawyers in America charge clients a fee regardless of outcome. Legal fees are often based on either an hourly rate or transaction fee. American Justice Network believes the contingency fee system is the fairest and most efficient way to pay a lawyer. When a contingent fee is involved, the interests of the lawyer and client are perfectly aligned because the lawyer only gets paid when they win and the more money the client receives, the greater the fee the lawyer receives. All American Justice Network certified lawyers accept cases on a contingency fee basis.

What is my case worth?

Claims do not have any specific values. Lawyers and insurance companies evaluate claims and estimate the value of a claim based upon what they believe a jury would award to the plaintiff if the case proceeded to trial. If a lawsuit or claim for injuries can not be settled, then a jury will determine the value.

There are numerous factors that go into evaluating the value of a case. The factors considered by insurance companies and defendants when determining the amount they are willing to pay in settlement includes but is not limited to if the claimant has a lawyer, who the lawyer is and where is the case filed. In addition, the elements of damages that are considered include but may not be limited to loss of life’s pleasures, loss of companionship, past medical expenses, future anticipated medical expenses, loss of income, future loss of income, how the injuries affect the ability to maintain a current job or how it may effect advances in employment, and past, present and future pain and suffering.

The lawyers at American Justice Network all specialize in finding ways to maximize the value of a claim by understanding all of the elements of damages and by utilizing various experts to document damages, including economic experts, vocational experts, future medical expense evaluators as well as various medical and other professionals.

When should I consult a lawyer?

At American Justice Network, we believe that consulting a lawyer as soon as possible is extremely important for various reasons including to insure that you understand your rights before they are lost due to the failure to file a claim in time (statute of limitations) or due to lack of evidence. Consulting with a lawyer does not commit you to hire that lawyer.

If you are injured, you have the burden to prove someone else is at fault and obtaining evidence is necessary. The longer you wait to obtain legal guidance, the greater the chance evidence will be lost, become unavailable or destroyed. As an example, if someone is injured in a car accident, it may be important to get to the scene of the accident before the skid marks are removed, obtain pictures of vehicles before they are repaired, get witness statements of individuals as soon as possible so that if they later become unavailable due to relocation, illness or otherwise that the statement is preserved.

In addition, if serious injury occurs, often the insurance available may not be sufficient to fully compensate the injured and in that situation, all possible causes of injury need to be considered including determining if a product is defective and contributed to the injury. If a product is responsible for injury, it is important that the product be preserved and that the product not be altered in any fashion; otherwise, when a lawsuit is filed, the defendant can claim that evidence was not properly preserved (spoilation of evidence) and all rights could be lost.

The lawyers in our Network understand the importance of preserving evidence and they have at their disposal investigators, engineers and other experts who may be necessary to preserve evidence and document how the incident occurred.

Can a lawyer pay to become a member of American Justice Network?

No, American Justice Network does not accept advertising dollars from lawyers or allow any lawyer to join our Network based upon anything other than our merit selection process.

How are lawyers chosen to become an American Justice Network certified lawyer?

All of the lawyers in our Network are chosen based upon a merit selection process which considers various factors including past successes, ethics, reputation, dependability, court room experience and accomplishments. Lawyers cannot pay to be included in our Network or to become American Justice Network Certified. Lawyers can are only included into our Network based on our merit selection process. Our database of lawyers is continually updated to include relevant and updated information relating to verdicts and settlements of significant cases in America. Our Network includes many of the most experienced trial lawyers in America. Many of the lawyers in our Network have achieved settlements or verdicts at the highest level in their respective areas of practice. By using American Justice Network, you get the benefit of our knowledge and relationships.

How long will it take for American Justice Network to respond to me?

Once you contact us, by phone or e-mail, we will use our best efforts to contact you often within one (1) hour to discuss your possible case. Although we request you allow us at least twenty-four (24) hours to return your inquiry, we normally respond to all inquiries within one (1) hour or less during the time frame of 8:00 a.m. EST to 9:00 P.M. PST seven (7) days a week. We will always do our best to recommend a lawyer for you as soon as possible, but we maintain no responsibility for any problems to your claim or case that may occur from the moment you first contact us, including statute of limitations violations.

If I meet with an American Justice Network lawyer, will I be charged for an initial consultation?

All initial consultations are free. After the initial consultation, if you want the lawyer to represent you and if the lawyer is willing to accept your case, you will be provided with a written fee agreement describing in detail the fees charged. The written fee agreement is not effective unless both you and the lawyer sign the contingency fee agreement. All contingency fee agreements, will confirm that you owe nothing unless the lawyer recovers compensation for you. Certain states regulate and provide limitations on the amount that lawyers can receive.

If American Justice Network connects me with a lawyer, am I obligated to hire that lawyer?

No. You are never obligated to hire a lawyer that we recommend. We understand, that while professional skills are necessary that being able to connect with a lawyer on a personal level can be just as important. If you are not satisfied for any reason with any lawyer we recommend we will be happy to provide you with other choices. We only recommend lawyers that we think are right for your particular needs, but that does not mean the lawyer we recommend is the only lawyer for you. Additionally, if you would like to meet more than one lawyer before making a decision often we can provide you with more than one choice.

What should I do if I have suffered an injury as a result of someone’s negligence?

When injury occurs, regardless of who is at fault, the most important thing is to seek immediate medical care. It is also important that when medical care is obtained, that the medical provider is given a full and complete history describing how and when you were injured. In addition, after initial medical care, it is important that you keep an accurate history describing when you were injured, how you were injured and how the injuries have affected you. It is recommended that you maintain a diary as a source of information detailing your injuries and how those injuries have affected you. We suggest using a notebook with pages that can not be added so there can never be a question about you altering your diary in the future. Additionally, after an accident, it is imperative that evidence be preserved because without proper evidence, you may not be able to prove your case. To the extent that you can preserve evidence by taking pictures, getting names of witnesses, etc., you should do so. Also, once a lawyer is retained, they should use their resources to obtain and preserve evidence as they deem necessary.

Is there a time limit upon which I can bring a lawsuit?

Each State has specific laws relating to time limitations to file a lawsuit or present a claim. This is known as a statute of limitations. If a lawsuit is not filed within the statute of limitations, you will lose all rights to bring a claim or file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations differ based upon various facts including the type of claim, the age of the claimant, where and when the wrongful act occurred or when the injured victim became aware or should have been aware that there was a wrongful act. In addition to the statute of limitations, many states have pre-lawsuit notification requirements. A pre-lawsuit notification may require that the injured place the wrongdoer or some other person or entity on notice of a potential claim. In states where there are pre-lawsuit notice requirements if notice is not provided in a proper and timely manner, the injured may lose the right to file a claim.

I have been told that the injury is my fault. Can I still pursue a claim?

If you have been injured and are partially responsible, depending on the State you are in and the percentage of fault that is assigned to you, you may still have the right to file a claim. In addition, it is possible that even if you are negligent, your negligence may not be the cause of damages. As an example, if someone operates a motor vehicle in a negligent fashion causing an accident, but the car they occupied did not properly safeguard or prevent injury, then it is possible the damages were caused by a improperly designed or manufactured vehicle or component part such as a seatbelt and not the negligent operation. If someone has suffered serious injuries or death, it is always important to have an American Justice Network certified lawyer evaluate and determine all causes of injury.

Each state has different laws relating to whether or not you are entitled to pursue a claim if you are responsible for the accident. It is important to consult with a lawyer that is able to evaluate and determine which state’s laws apply and then provide you guidance regarding your claim.