Nephorgenic Systemic Fibrosis and Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopahty (NSF/NFG) is a rare but serious disease caused by the injection of Gadolinium in patients with kidney problems. The use of Gadolinium is a relatively recent advance in medical science, and since 1988 has greatly improved a medical doctor’s ability to conduct MRI’s and MRA’s by giving them better imaging results. The problem arises when a patient has kidney problems they are unable to properly pass the metal through their system.

This rare but debilitating disease causes the swelling and severe tightening of skin, stiffening of joints, hypertension, and muscle weakness. The disease was discovered in 1997, but the FDA has only recently posted warnings about the implications of Gadolinium use in 2006. To date, there have only been 200 reported cases of NSF/NFG in the US, but this number expected to rise.

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