AJN Is Your Law Care Advocate

A Law Care Advocate helps you find an attorney with the right skill set to handle your case. There are many reasons why it’s important to find a lawyer who has the right experience. First, he or she will have the specific knowledge and know-how that your case requires.  Second, he or she will have extensive knowledge of this area of law, including knowledge of the defense lawyers as well as the various experts in that field.  Conversely, the defense lawyers will have greater respect for him or her as will the insurance companies or other parties who may be responsible for payment of any damages.  Law, like medicine, has become extremely specialized. But unlike medicine, it is difficult for a client, without the help of AJN, to locate the lawyer with the right mix of trial experience and specialized knowledge.

We are not suggesting that there is only one lawyer that can handle your case.  But with the information at AJN’s disposal, we believe we have a better chance than any other lawyer referral service of matching you with a lawyer that will obtain the best results possible.  And that means a greater chance that your case will settle for the value it should—without having to go to trial!

AJN Acts as Your Personal Risk Manager.

A crucial part of AJN’s service is to manage our clients’ risk.  Our experience has shown time and again that defense lawyers and insurance companies will not offer huge dollars to unseasoned or unskilled lawyers as they do not believe those lawyers have the skills necessary to convince a jury to award a large verdict.  During the handling of many insurance bad faith claims, the principal at AJN has learned that insurance companies often evaluate a claim by looking at the attorney representing the plaintiff.  Having the right attorney representing you often can influence a defense attorney or insurance company as to whether or not to settle and how much money to offer.