Medtronic Defibulators

The defibrillator is a surgically implanted device that regulates the heart rates of persons who have a serious heart disease that causes heart arrhythmia (irregular or abnormal rhythm). When a person is experiencing an episode, these devices deliver an electric shock to correct and restore normal heart rate rhythm. This life saving device has allowed many people to live a normal and healthy life.

In 2007, the company Medtronic Inc released a statement about findings that linked their popular defibrillator, the “Sprint Fidelis” to failure. The wire that links the defibrillator to the heart, called the lead, was found to fracture in some patients leaving them unaware that the devices were no longer working, or working at inappropriate times. This faulty product has been implanted in nearly a quarter of a million people, and has been documented as being at least partly responsible for 5 deaths.

Before that, in 2005, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued a warning about other Medtronic products that were linked to battery drainage and power shortages, leaving 9 patients with devices that failed to continue working.

The devices mentioned in the 2005 notification are:

  • MarquisTM VR/DR ICD
  • MaximoTM VR/DR ICD
  • InSync I/II/III MarquisTM CRT-D
  • InSync III ProtectTM CRT-D

It is important if you have one of these devices to contact your physician in order to receive a check-up and to be properly informed of the associated dangers of these products. If you have been the victim of a malfunctioning device then it is strongly recommended that you receive advise from an attorney to discuss your legal options.

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