Attorney Referral Process

When you’re injured, your only concern should be how to get your life back together as quickly as possible, or how you can help your loved one to recover.  You don’t need the added anxiety of looking for a lawyer and worrying if the one you’ve found has the right skills and experience to represent you. 

AJN attorneys are all trial lawyers themselves.  We know which questions to ask when looking for a lawyer.  Our court room experience coupled with our huge database of attorneys is what guides us in choosing the best lawyer for you.  Let us save you the time, money and energy you need for other things.

When you contact AJN, here is what happens:

  • Initial Contact - When you contact AJN, you’ll talk with an attorney.  He or she will gather all the relevant facts so that we can fully understand your situation, which enables us to determine exactly what type of case you have.  Our team of attorneys and paralegals then meets to agree on the facts and to begin the process of hand picking the lawyer that is most qualified to help you. 
  • Matching Process - Once we’ve matched you with the lawyer who has the skills and background to handle your case, we’ll talk with him or her.  We’ll explain the facts as you’ve given them to us, including all of the important details.  Only when the lawyer is ready to accept your case and is comfortable with it, will we identify him or her to you.  So when you make your first appointment, the lawyer already will be familiar with your situation.
  • A Word about the AJN Selection Process:  AJN accepts no advertising money or “buy-in” fees to be a part of the AJN network.  All of the lawyers in our files have been carefully screened and personally chosen by us. AJN keeps a report card on trial lawyers.  These lawyers are a special group representing less than 5% of all lawyers in the US.  They are selected on merit alone and are included only if they meet our demanding qualifications that include:  past successes, ethics, solid reputation, dependability, court room experience in the area of the law required by your case. In short, they are attorneys with proven track records.

It’s entirely possible that an AJN lawyer who is certified for handling failure to diagnose cancer cases may not be certified for handling design defect or construction cases.  This practice—unique among legal information services—assures you of an objective, unbiased match with a qualified attorney.

We Can Help Even if You Don’t Need a Lawyer

Sometimes, after talking with clients, we find that their situation can best be handled without a lawyer.  When that happens, we’ll provide you with information about other agencies or organizations that can be of help.

IMPORTANT: You are never locked-in to any lawyer that we recommend for you. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the lawyer we have selected, we’ll find you another one.  At AJN, we’re not satisfied unless you are.  This personal touch is the hallmark of our service, and we stand by it one hundred percent.

We are your Liaison. In our over 25 years of practicing law, one of the main complaints we have heard from clients is that lawyers do not return calls. At American Justice Network, we help connect you to the lawyer best suited for your case and we stay actively involved from beginning to end. If your calls are not being answered, you can contact us and we will get in touch with your lawyer. We have the ability to bypass secretaries and paralegals and get directly to your attorney.

In addition, we ask all lawyers we work with to give us regular updates on all files subject to clients’ consent. This is an added benefit that American Justice Network provides. Often the trial lawyers who represent the catastrophically injured are very busy preparing for trial and may not always have the time to return all telephone calls and handle other administrative duties. If that happens, we will make sure you are kept up-to-date.

Fees - AJN works for you free of charge. You pay us nothing, ever.  When you meet with the attorney we refer you to, you will agree on a fee to handle your case. Most personal injury cases are accepted on a contingent fee basis. This means that you do not pay your lawyers any upfront costs. Your lawyer will bear the risk of any out-of-pocket costs associated with trying your case and will get paid only if you win.  It’s important to understand that your lawyer is spending their own money and time to try your case. You should feel confident that the work being done is to the best of their ability, as they want you to recover as much as possible. The more you win, the more they earn.

AJN has already established fee arrangements with all the attorneys in our network. If your case is successful, you will receive a settlement and your lawyer will be paid the amount you both agreed on. We, in turn, will be paid by your lawyer. Our fee is never deducted from your sum. This is a business practice between lawyers. It helps ensure that the right lawyers handle the right cases and don’t take them strictly for the money.