American Justice Network Lawyer Referral Service

American Justice Network is a revolutionary approach to selecting a personal injury attorney. If you are like the millions of others who have experienced a significant personal injury, your initial reaction will likely be fear, pain, uncertainty, and even anger. Often, people contact an attorney in an attempt to help guide them through new and unfamiliar processes, such as obtaining compensation for lost wages, ensuring that physicians and rehabilitation specialists can be compensated, and eventually, seeking a recovery for the damages that you have suffered. Although it is wise to contact an attorney immediately following an injury, it is far more important that you contact the right attorney.

How Do You Find A Personal Injury Attorney?

Before we founded American Justice Network, people would typically select a personal injury attorney in one of the following common ways:

  • Lawyers That They Have Seen on Television
  • Celebrity Endorsements and Infomercials
  • Legal Directories on the Internet
  • Yellow Pages
  • Advertising on the Back of a Bus

Those are still to this day, the most widespread methods for finding personal injury attorneys, and they all suffer from the same deficiency, a deficiency which can cost you literally millions of dollars. Simply stated, they are all based on who can afford to pay the most money for an advertisement. If you have suffered a serious personal injury, the question you should be asking is not which attorney can afford to pay the most money for an advertisement at a particular point in time, but which attorney has the right combination of skills, experience and reputation to ensure that you will get the maximum recovery given the facts and circumstances of your particular case.

Remember, just because an attorney may be experienced with car accident cases, does not necessarily mean that they are the right attorney for a multi-million dollar product liability case, or a medical malpractice case, or even a truck injury case...

Why Choose American Justice Network

American Justice Network is an entirely new paradigm for the selection of personal injury attorneys. Unlike the old, outdated approach which is designed to funnel you to the attorney who has the most money to advertise on a particular day, we hand-pick the right personal injury attorney for your case. What sets us apart is that at American Justice Network:

  • We Never Accept Advertising.
  • Our Attorney Selection Panel Consists of Award Winning Trial Attorneys.
  • We Have Relationships with the Top Attorneys at the Top Personal Injury Law Firms.
  • Our Proprietary Database Tracks Attorneys Results by Type of Case and Result to Ensure The Best Match for you.
  • We Can Stay Involved as Your Law Care Advocate Through the Entire Process to Ensure That You Understand the Advice You Are Given and to make Sure You are Getting Top Rate Service.

The lawyers in the American Justice Network are the lawyers that other lawyers would use if they, or their loved ones, were seriously injured. For a FREE consultation, and an introduction to one of the top personal injury attorneys in the country, please contact us. If you or a loved one are in need of legal assistance, it is important you contact an attorney to discuss your legal options. We encourage you to use our search by state lawyer referral and attorney referral map to find the American Justice Network attorney that is nearest you. Our legal professionals can be reached toll free 24 hours a day at 888-88-JUSTICE.