Do You Have A Case? Get A Second Opinion

Law is not a science.  It’s entirely possible for good lawyers to disagree as to the merits of a case—or even that a case exists.  In the event of a catastrophic injury, sometimes good lawyers either do not recognize that a case exists or, if they do, they might consider for various reasons the case not worth taking.  At AJN, we recognize the importance of getting a second, third and possibly even a fourth opinion.  The fact that a case has been rejected by one, two or three attorneys does not mean there is no case.  It simply means that those lawyers do not see merit in the claim.  Once we at AJN determine that your case does, in fact, have merit, we will find the lawyer best suited for you and advocate to them why they should accept your case.  We will also point out to them all of the areas to investigate.

Why You Should Seek a Second Opinion

As an example, in recent conversation with co-counsel in a major product liability case, the AJN principal explained that the largest case in his office, one in which the value of the damages exceeded $15,000,000, was a case rejected by five different law firms.  All these firms had failed to investigate how the separation of tire tread from the tire was responsible for the life-altering/crippling injuries.  All of the other firms had either failed to recognize this fact or to appreciate its significance, leading them to incorrectly determine that no claim existed.  At AJN, we recognize the important of such issues up front and act to preserve important evidence.  In this case, if after the first or second attorney rejected the case the claimant had failed to keep the tires, crucial evidence would have been lost and there would have been no claim to pursue.  So, do not accept that you do not have a case.  Contact AJN for a second opinion.