What Is A Smart Client?

The Smart Client Enlists a “Partner” in the Legal Process.  The smart client doesn’t act alone but enlists a partner in the legal process. In our capacity as a law care advocate, AJN can be that partner.  What is a law care advocate?  A law care advocate is a reliable person with the requisite skills to serve as a second set of eyes and ears in helping you get the best legal services. The law care advocate can help prevent oversights or mistakes and help you understand the advice given. We can also help you follow through with the instructions provided by your attorney.

The Smart Client Begins the Legal Process Quickly Following a Personal Injury.  Timeliness is one of the most important reasons to contact AJN when a serious injury occurs. It’s crucial to capture all the evidence related to your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In the event of a catastrophic injury, AJN can send an investigator out at our expense to make sure no evidence is lost or destroyed. All the law firms we deal with have investigators that can respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the United States. Our main goal is to gather and preserve everything that’s relevant to your injury so that we can present as strong a case as possible.

The Smart Client Finds The Most Qualified Attorney for their Case.  In the past, a local attorney usually handled any variety of cases with equal ability. Before cell phones, the Internet, iPods and other advances in communication, it was to your advantage to work with a lawyer who was local. Technology has now made that method obsolete. Today, it is just as easy to work with a lawyer in California as it is in Pennsylvania.  Although there are gifted lawyers in every city, you want the most specialized expert when you are having a potential problematic procedure (specific type of case), and a lawyer with the necessary skills may not be in your local area. Finding the best often takes some detective work, research and smarts. This is what AJN brings to the table.