Wage Payment & Allocation

Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, and although there are exceptions, hourly workers typically must be paid time-and-a-half for hours worked in excess of forty hours in a given work week. Employers sometimes attempt to extract "free" uncompensated time from their workers by requiring them to perform pre-shift or post-shift "set up" work before clocking-in or clocking-out, by failing to pay them on-call time or indeed by simply refusing to pay overtime rates.

Everyone deserves a fair wage for a fair day’s work; it is something inherent to this country’s values. It is an unfortunate reality in today’s world that employers often care more about their bottom line then the rights of their workers. Other fair wage issues include improper deductions from your paycheck, failure to pay commissions, wages owed to an employee who has been terminated, and neglecting to pay for earned vacation time.

Sometimes these cases are isolated involving individual employees, but more often they are systematic, involving the workforce as a whole. If you believe you have not been paid for all of the time that you have worked your employer may be liable under federal and state laws. The dedicated and experienced legal professionals associated with the American Justice Network are committed to fighting for your case and getting you the settlement that you are entitled to. We understand your situation and have a proven track record of legal results. Call us toll free today to speak with a lawyer who has first hand knowledge of the laws associated with wage payment and collection litigation, and we will give you a free case evaluation.

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