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  • Rich Berkheimer

    They didn't take my case. But they don't HAVE. to. Look people they're not selling mangoes. They're not required to sell a mango to every bumpkin with time and money. It would be the same as if you were 15 and had a PT job and you went to your boss and said, "I have these magic beans and you have to buy them. You'll make a ton of money with them." That boss would fire you on the spot. He's got a reputation to uphold, higher ups to answer to, bosses who want him to make money for them. Same with attorneys. There wasn't merit in my case, there simply wasn't. You people have to grasp that. What they did do however was somethings the other 6 attorneys I called did NOT do. They returned calls on time. They spoke to me like a real person and not a figure. They told me straight I didn't have a case. Brutal or not, I appreciate upfront, honest dealings. I would imagine if you wanted anyone going to bat for you, it would be Randall Justice.

  • Lorraine Nesmith

  • Sylvia Smith

    I have been a fan for a number of years…my experience wasn’t a long haul but what I experienced was a very caring law firm…keep up the good work and continue to make ur clients happy 😃

  • Darrin Marshall

    I trust Howard Silverman and his Law FirmWith any issues law issues that I haveHe always come through and always get back with me promptlyAnd I'm never a botherSo therefore thank you very much.

  • Anthony Margiotta JR

    Great service. They deliver everything you could ask for from a fine law firm.

  • Jordi Hernandez

  • LaDonnya Scott

  • Lisa Moore

    The staff is what has me coming back and referring my close family and friends to this firm. Kane&Silverman has a great set of attorneys and staff who are committed and always working very hard to make sure their clients get the best possible outcome. The entire team is professional and experienced! I highly recommend this firm if you want excellent service!!

  • Hope Campbell

  • Albina Duncan

    I utilized Kane & Silverman Law Office for a personal injury claim and my lawyer, Jim Murphy, did an amazing job with my case. He was patient, kind, knowledgeable, and responsive to my needs. I will be referring to JIm for all legal matters going forward as I am quite satisfied with his services.

  • Andrew DeDomenico

    Kane & Silverman is by far the best law firm out there. They do so much more than just meetings, depositions & billable hours. THEY CARE. I've known the people there going on 20 years now & I do consider them my extended family. They really help ease your mind emotionally & mentally they give you a reason to smile. I can go on & on about this family law firm that is as tough as they come when it comes to your interests. And a shout out to Howard Silverman, "YOU'RE THEEE BEST" my good friend!

  • Flowing Rivers

    Jim Murphy did the most to get everything available for me and he succeeded. I'm very pleased.

  • Sydney Turner

    Best law firm to handle accident cases! They will fight for what you deserve. Very professional lawyers that will get the job done. The process can be very long but they are with you every step of the way. They help guide you and give you great advice. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle my case. Howard Silverman and his associates are the best! Any problem or concerns I had they always were there. I was not alone in this process and that helped me a lot emotionally and mentally. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. You will be very happy going to this law firm!

  • Max Weiner

    This is one of the best law firms I have dealt with. They helped me collect money from an insurance company that was not playing fair. Their level of detail was exceptional. Thank you!

  • Nick Skeparnias

    I couldn't have asked for anymore as they did everything promptly, professionally and the outcome was more than satisfactory. Would use them 100% of the time moving forward.

  • Dollie Smallwood

    After my car accident, I sought out a lawyer and was directed to K&S. I had a pleasure and experience of working with Kane and Silverman firm on my case. I specifically worked with Jim Murphy. He was always polite, responsive and answered any and all questions I may have had. When the insurance company didn’t offer the best in compensation, he worked to continue advocating for more. I would recommend and use their services in the future.

  • Dominique Johnson

  • Rhonda Lofton

    This is the best law firm for injuries for me. Howard Silverman Attorney at Kane and Silverman help me with a car accident case. I would highly recommend them for severe accidents and injuries..

  • James Ciabattoni

    Best legal team of lawyers i have ever had the privilege to meet and work with.

  • Tamika Harris

  • When you get Rick rolled :

    Had a great lawyer got me paid when I needed it most and right on time thanks Joe good job

  • Debbie DeCicco

    Several years ago I was involved in a 3 car accident. Being the 3rd party I needed a lawyer for the very first time in my life. I contacted Joe Monaco of Kane and Silverman and I am so glad I did. His professionalism was top notch. When I had a question Joe had contacted me quickly and knowing I had no idea what to expect did not sugar coat anything he was straight to the point. You never know when tragedy strikes but if I ever needed legal advice I would definitely recommend and go to Joe.

  • Billy Satz

    I was in a car accident. Other lawyers wouldn't take my case, but I was injured and couldn't sleep comfortably from my injury. Mr. Silverman took on my case an settled it for just under $50,000. The personal attention, expertise, and kindness I received from this firm was fabulous, as were the results! I definitely would recommend them highly!

  • Brandon Bell

    Kane & Silverman represented me for my Auto accident case back in 2011. I was very pleased to have them in my corner. They fought hard for me and won triumphantly like a true philadelphian with a big heart. They won me $55,000 in the end I will always recommend them to any one I know who needs a strong lawyer that hits hard. Thank you Kane and Silverman you are the only ones I can trust when it comes to being a lawyer for my cases.

  • Melany Mazaleski

  • Lisa Moore

    I was very impressed with the quality and accuracy of Kane&Silverman. They are skilled lawyers with ongoing communication with clients as needed on your case. I highly recommend Kane&Silverman you can't go wrong.

  • Mr. Michael Matthews

    Joe Monaco helped represent me in a motorcycle accident suit against an insurance company. Not only was he knowledgeable, calm, and responsive, he also helped me gain a large settlement. Thanks Joe

  • Henrietta Sprual

    I have had many of cases and my experience was top notch in my eyes. For years the results is fantastic. I have no complaints. I will take the business with me and beyond.

  • Gracie Mac

    Thank you Kane and Silverman for helping with my case. They did a great job with handling my situation. I surely recommend anyone to come check out Kane&silver first!

  • Shane McCaffery

    Joe Monaco is a great attorney and exceeded my expectations on dealing with my case. I had limited tort when I was rear ended by a tow truck driver, who denied hitting me. Joe took the video evidence I sent him showing I was rear ended and got the insurance company to change their tune and accept my claim. They paid me out for my car being totaled and a year later paid out a sum for medical care, I was surprised even with the limited tort Joe was able to make something out of the claim. Joe is my go to attorney.

  • Shareeda L.

    I have used Kane & Silverman a few times for motor accident cases, and they're great. They're very hands on with getting whatever info needed for your case and quickly, and best of all they've kept me up-to-date frequently by email or phone. Ms. Peggy the paralegal is very personable and helpful throughout. Both Ms. Peggy and Mr. Jim Murphy are the best at what they do. Keep up the good work!!

  • Chuck D.

    Everyone on staff is very friendly and dedicated professionals. They explain all your options in language you can understand. Would recommend to everyone.

  • Cindy Sholtes

    Joe Monaco is a great attorney. He took my case in August 2014 and after four years it is finally settled. Joe was on top of everything the whole time and guided me through the whole process. Whenever I had a question, he would always take my calls and emails. If you are looking for a caring and excellent attorney, Joe is your guy. Susan Reed is Joe's paralegal. Susan is the most kindest person and is an asset to Kane and Silverman. Over the years, I have had many phone calls, emails, and even texts that Susan would always take care of for me. She was always so helpful and kind. Thank you Joe and Susan

  • Martin Alexandrov

    I cannot say enough positive things about Howard and his firm. He is the most professional and compassionate attorney I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, and I send everyone I know his way. If you want an attorney that cares and one that will get you the most money for your case, Kane & Silverman is your firm. I send friends and family nowhere else. Some things in life are a tough call, hiring Howard isn’t one of those things!

  • Janice Olmeda

    I got into a bad car accident that made my back worst and hurt my neck. After the lawyer held my case a year, he said I'm sorry I can't do anything for you, filing a law suit will cost more money than its worth. Then he told me I had a month to find another lawyer or go to civil rights court. He should have told me ahead of time he wasn't going to be able to help me. Now I'm stuck with a worst back and my neck hurts a the time and he didn't help.
    Response from the owner: We're sorry about your experience with us Ms. Olmeda. We do try to help everyone we can, even limited tort cases. Without explaining the specifics of your case, it does take time and treatment to establish enough injury and damages to overcome limited tort. We did conduct research and communicated with you and your doctors throughout your treatment. Unfortunately, in your case, there wasn't enough treatment to overcome that limited tort threshold. We are truly sorry, but really do appreciate your feedback.

  • David Wolf

    Over the past few years, I have referred a few cases to Joseph Monaco with the Kane & Silverman law firm. He is an excellent attorney and advocate for his clients. I was quite impressed with his work ethic, skill set, and attention to detail. Joseph Monaco is an excellent personal injury attorney who understands how to get the job done. Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words and referrals. We are proud to have earned your trust!