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2017 Personal Injury in the News

When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Throughout the year, there were several stories that caught our attention. People injured by careless actions need help. They need a personal injury lawyer.

hit and run driver pulling away from accident scene

Hit and Run Accident Victim

In November of 2016, an 8-year-old girl died by a hit and run driver. She was on her way home from school with her siblings, when the driver hit her. The driver left the scene, did not even stop. The driver was found with the help of a tip.
The car turned up at a body repair shop. The driver claimed he had hit a deer. That’s what this child’s life was worth to this driver. The girl’s family will never be complete again.
Since then, the girl’s family has suffered financial hardship. The girls’ mother escorts the siblings to school to ensure their safety. They have had to move and can not afford rent. Additionally, the emotional trauma has taken a toll.

How could a personal injury lawyer help?

A personal injury lawyer could help this family with a wrongful death case. A good lawyer would establish the driver was reckless. The driver left a little girl on the road to die after hitting her with his truck. He should be accountable for the suffering of the family.

Some Positive Change Has Come From This

Earlier in 2017, state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams announced new legislation. The new law would allow an Amber Alert for hit and run victims. The rules would announce vehicle descriptions over the system. Additionally, it would require repair shops to report vehicles matching the description.
As of this article, this is still not law. Consider writing to lawmakers. We need these rules in place to help catch bad people. We need to protect innocent children.

mean dog attack injury

Dog Bite Victim

In Point Breeze, a woman suffered a dog bite. She was walking her dogs on the sidewalk when a pit bull attacked. The dog attacked her small dogs. She tried to pull the pit bull away when the dog bit her. The victim’s dogs were also injured.

Medical Bills are Piling Up

The victim still has no feeling in part of her hand. Her dogs both needed extensive medical attention. While a GoFundMe page was set up to help, it didn’t cover expenses. The victim had to endure very painful rabies treatment. And, her bills are piling up.

No Help From Dog Owner

The owner of the pit bull was not very helpful. He wasn’t aware if the dog had immunizations. Evidence showed the dog attacked other dogs in the past.

How Could a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

The pit bull is on a business property. In this case, a hardware store. A dog that has bitten others is dangerous. The owner is neglectful, but so far there have been no consequences. This dog should be restrained. A personal injury lawyer would look to recover all medical costs, lost wages and more. People and dogs should not be subjected to this dangerous dog.

When to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re not sure if you need a lawyer, you should seek one out. Personal injury lawyers typically don’t charge for legal consultations. If they agree you have a case worth pursuing, they don’t charge unless they win for you.
Many people want to take the high road, do the right thing. Most victims believe the person that hurt them will take care of the medical bills. When this doesn’t happen, where do you turn?

Who Pays for the Injuries?

In a normal personal injury case, insurance covers the victim’s costs. This is actually easier for the victim and the person who caused the injury. But don’t assume the insurance company will automatically cover all costs. They may try to get the victim to sign paperwork to release further liability. Consult a personal injury lawyer before you sign anything.

Statute of Limitations

Every type of civil case has a statute of limitations. In most cases, it is 2 years from the accident. In an injury case, it is best to start the process early to avoid trouble. People may change their story or forget. Witnesses may be hard to find.

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A Good Personal Injury Lawyer

A good personal injury lawyer will listen to your case for free. They will work to explain your legal options in your case. If you have a case, a good personal injury lawyer will only charge you a fee if there is money recovered for you.

Kane & Silverman P.C. represents personal injury victims. If you or someone you know was injured, we’d like to talk. Contact our office or fill out our online form and our legal team will contact you. You can also call or text our office anytime at 215-232-1000.