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2023 New Jersey Car Insurance Increase

Drivers in New Jersey may notice a slight increase in the cost of car insurance in 2023. Most drivers will see this increase when they renew their insurance policy. Why is NJ car insurance more expensive in 2023?

Laws Passed in 2022

A group of bills were signed into law in August 2022 by Governor Phil Murphy. The new laws cover several adjustments to minimum insurance coverage requirements. New Jersey drivers with basic car insurance will see updates to their policy when it renews in 2023.

Change To New Jersey Minimum Coverage

The change to New Jersey state minimum coverage increases limits that last updated 50 years ago. Since then, so much has changed.

car insurance policy claims

Starting January 1, 2023 drivers in New Jersey will see their state minimum (basic) car insurance coverage change.

Here are the new basic policy coverages:
Bodily Injury (Per Person): $25,000
Bodily Injury (Per Crash): $50,000
Property Damage (Per Crash): $25,000
Personal Injury Protection: $15,000
Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury (Per Person): $25,000
Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury (Per Crash): $50,000

Additionally, basic coverage amounts will increase again in 2026. New Jersey drivers can expect to see their coverage increase on or after January 1, 2026.

Better Coverage For Drivers

The increase in coverage amounts mainly protects those harmed by drivers. But, Personal Injury Protection amounts also increase. PIP immediately covers medical care for the driver and passengers regardless of fault.

changes to insurance coverage for New Jersey drivers

New Jersey Basic Car Insurance Is Not Enough

While a basic car insurance policy is needed to legally drive in New Jersey, it doesn’t usually provide the protection needed after a crash. New Jersey car insurance coverage can be confusing and complicated. If you are involved in a car crash in New Jersey, consider hiring an attorney for help.

When To Contact An Injury Attorney

If you are injured by another driver, talk to a local injury attorney for help. An experienced New Jersey injury attorney can help you get the money you deserve.

New Jersey Injury Attorney

At Kane & Silverman, we help injured people. If you have been injured, contact us for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney. Consultations are free and you don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for you.