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9 Reasons A Lawyer Won’t Take Your Injury Case

When you are looking for an injury lawyer to represent you, you may not expect to be turned down. There are a variety of reasons that a lawyer won’t take your injury case.

Talk To Several Injury Lawyers

In some cases, you may have to make several calls to find the right lawyer for you. Though it may feel discouraging to be turned away by a lawyer in your time of need, talk to several injury lawyers before giving up. 

Why Won’t An Injury Lawyer Take My Case?

Understanding why an injury lawyer turns down your case may help lead you to the lawyer better suited for you. When a lawyer rejects your case, they may tell you the reason that they are unable to represent you. If the lawyer doesn’t give you a reason, don’t be afraid to ask.

If an injury lawyer is unable to take your case they might refer you to a colleague that could be a better option for you. It is better to be turned down by one lawyer and referred to another that will be more appropriate for your case. 

9 Reasons A Lawyer Will Turn Down Your Injury Case 

1. The lawyer does not specialize in that area of law. 

If you were in a car accident you will typically need to go to a personal injury lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer would not be sufficient in handling your case properly and is not appropriate for your case.

If a lawyer turns you down for this reason it does not mean you do not have a valid case, so do not get discouraged. They simply are not the correct match for you. This is an example of a time that a lawyer might refer your case to a colleague they believe would be sufficient in handling your case. 

2. You have a weak case. 

You might not have a strong case for compensation. A case can be weak for different reasons. Maybe there is little evidence to support your claim, conflicting statements, or the injury is not enough to overcome legal hurdles.

3. Lack of insurance coverage.

A harsh reality of personal injury claims is insurance coverage. If the party that caused you harm does not have insurance coverage, there may be no money available for your claim. When there is no insurance available, most injury lawyers won’t be able to help you. Learn more about how insurance coverage works.

4. Your case is a financial risk.

Hearing this may be difficult, but some cases are a financial risk that lawyers are not willing to take. A personal injury lawyer works on contingency. This means the lawyer gets paid a percentage of the amount your case settles for. This also means the injury law firm pays all legal and investigation fees associated with the case until the settlement money comes in.

While most injury lawyers want to help people, they also have to make money as a business. Your case may be worth some money, but not quite enough for you, your medical expenses, investigation expenses, and a lawyer. 

Lawyers have to protect their own interests when taking on new clients. They can’t spend more money than your case will recover. You might hear the term ‘insufficient damages‘ when the lawyer explains this to you. This can be difficult to understand, and it is always hard to explain to someone with a genuine claim. 

5. You are too close to the statute of limitations. 

The statute of limitations is essentially an expiration date on your case. If you are rapidly approaching the statute of limitations it may be hard to find a lawyer to take your case. If a lawyer does not have enough time to investigate and work on your case they might turn it down. It is essential to be aware of your statute of limitations date so you do not get too close, or pass the date. Learn more about the statute of limitations.

6. Other lawyers have rejected or dropped your case. 

If your case has been taken on, and then dropped by another lawyer it is a red flag to other lawyers. The lawyer will question the validity of your case if it has been dropped.

7. There is a conflict of interest.

There are multiple reasons that a conflict of interest may interfere with a lawyer taking on your case. Whether it is a relationship with someone involved in the case, another lawyer, or personal reasons a lawyer has the right to reject your case due to a conflict of interest. Try not to take it personally, and continue your search for the right lawyer.

8. The lawyer does not want to represent you. 

A lawyer may reject your case for their own reasons. The reasons could be personal, ethical, or moral. If the lawyer senses your case is not a good fit, they can decline to represent you. If they do not want to take your case for whatever reason, try not to take it personally. Don’t quit your search! Another lawyer might be able to help you.

9. You don’t have a case.

This is sometimes hard to explain to anyone that believes they have a claim. Proving an injury claim requires several things. Learn more about proving negligence.

Finding The Right Injury Lawyer For You

Finding the right injury lawyer for you may feel like an impossible task, but do not lose hope. It can take a few tries to find the right lawyer. But, it is important to be represented by the best lawyer for your case and needs. If you have been turned down by a few lawyers do not be discouraged, keep searching! At Kane and Silverman, we are here to represent you and your best interests. Contact us today for a free legal consultation with one of our injury attorneys.