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$725.5 Million Benzene Jury Verdict

Decades after using petroleum-based products to clean engine parts, a mechanic developed leukemia. His leukemia is linked to benzene exposure from the cleaning products. Read more about the $725.5 million jury verdict against ExxonMobile.

Birth Injury – Hypoxic Brain Injury

Hypoxic brain injury may be caused by negligence before, during, or soon after the birth process. Learn more about this type of birth injury lawsuit.

New Jersey Deemer Statute

When you purchase car insurance, people typically get the best coverage they can afford. This can include good PIP coverage for medical bills and full tort to help you recover… Read More

Illegal Pass Crash Injury Lawsuit

When drivers attempt to make an illegal pass, it puts others at risk. When people are harmed by the negligent act of another driver they may be entitled to compensation.

Intentional Harm

When people are hurt by the intentional act of a driver, can a personal injury attorney help? Learn more about how insurance handles intentional harm caused by another.

Load Shift Dangers

Shifting truck loads can cause serious harm to truck drivers and others on the road. Who is responsible when a load shift results in injuries or death?

Small Plane Crash

Statistics show that flying is generally safer than driving. A small plane crash is not impossible. In fact, about 1,100 small aircraft crash each year in the United States. This… Read More