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Adenovirus Outbreak In New Jersey

Adenovirus Outbreak Kills Tenth Child in New Jersey

A viral illness, the adenovirus, has spread throughout a New Jersey healthcare facility. The state’s Department of Health stated the adenovirus outbreak occurred between September 26 and October 29. In that time, thirty children became infected with adenovirus. The outbreak has resulted in the confirmed deaths of ten disabled children.

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What Is Adenovirus?

An adenovirus is actually a group of viruses. These viruses are a respiratory infection that includes symptoms of the common cold. General symptoms, such as a sore throat, infection, diarrhea, and fever. More serious symptoms include pneumonia, bronchitis, inflammation of the intestines and bladder. There is even a potential for neurological infection. Whereas symptoms are typically mild, more serious cases continue to develop.

Children Put At Risk

Parents of a child who was killed by the virus at the health center in Wanaque are demanding the health facility to shut down. Others involved agree. They claim the health center did not execute proper infection-control measures. Additionally, it is evident neglect is the reason behind the widespread illnesses. The responsibility of the health facility’s cleanliness falls upon its employees. The facility needs to protect the already at-risk children from viruses. This includes any contamination that can further compromise their immune systems.

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State administrators revealed there are active inspections. This includes lab tests that will confirm if the virus is still a threat. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are currently involved in the investigation.

Sanitation Practices

Contamination plays a major part in the transmission of diseases and illnesses. Safety and sanitation practices are enforced at all health facilities. This is to provide a germ-free environment for patients to heal efficiently. Sanitation practices are comprised of:

  • Decontamination
  • Disinfection
  • Sterilization
  • Proper cleanliness

lacking sanitation practices cause deadly viral outbreak in New Jersey

Healthcare facilities have the responsibility to get rid of all dust and microorganisms. They are responsible to sanitize all surfaces within the facility. Sanitizing requires the proper equipment and chemicals. Sanitation practices prevent the growth of bacteria that infect patients upon contact.

Proving Negligence

New Jersey Negligence Laws define negligence:

  • Failure to exercise an expected degree of care in order to minimize the risk of injury to others
  • Failure to act as a reasonable person should
  • Contributory negligence must be less than the defendant’s negligence to collect damages

proving medical sanitation negligence - New Jersey viral infection death lawyer

The improper infection control within the health facility is the direct cause of the virus spreading. Additionally, this has lead to the infecting/killing of susceptible children. Negligence and the absence of proper hygiene jeopardize the health of patients. When this occurs, the facility will be liable for negligence.

Breach Of Duty

Health facilities and hospitals must maintain adequate sanitation practices for the safety of its patients. Ethics and the law demand it. Failure to provide a clean facility is a breach of duty. When a breach of duty leads to permanent injury or death, there needs to be accountability.
This facility is accountable for failing to provide a sanitized, sterile environment. Their neglect further jeopardized its ailing patients.
Multiple lawsuits have been filed regarding this outbreak. More cases continue to surface. These families deserve justice!

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New Jersey Fatal Virus Lawyer

Was your child infected or killed by the negligence that caused the adenovirus outbreak? Our lawyers at Kane & Silverman will hold the wrongdoers accountable to prevent future incidents. We fight for your rights to get you the compensation for your medical bills, pain, suffering, and more. Call or text us today at 215-232-1000 to speak to a professional member of our legal staff. Or, schedule an appointment using our online contact form. We have offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia to serve you.