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Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive Dogs In Philadelphia

Not all dogs are friendly. Even friendly dogs may strike out without warning. It’s hard to always know how a dog will behave. Aggressive dogs must always be under the control of their owner. But, did you know Pennsylvania is one of a few states with a way to report aggressive dogs?

What Is A Dangerous Dog?

An aggressive dog is any dog that has attacked a person or domestic animal. By definition this attack is unprovoked. A dangerous dog does not need to actually bite a person or pet. Aggressive behavior shows intent to attack. But, any attack that injures or kills a person or pet without provocation makes the dog dangerous.

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How To Report A Dangerous Dog In Philadelphia

Reporting a dangerous dog in Philadelphia is simple. Anyone who is attacked by an aggressive dog should call the police. File a report with local law enforcement. Get information about the owner and their dog. Ask the police to file a complaint against the dog and owner.

Website For Reporting Aggressive Dogs In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement has a website. On their website, there is a page to report aggressive dogs. They will help you find your local dog law enforcement officer. More information is on the PA Department of Agriculture’s website.

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Is There A Dangerous Dog In My Neighborhood?

Pennsylvania maintains a list of registered dangerous dogs. Any owner of a registered dog must follow specific guidelines to keep their dog. This is why reporting an aggressive dog is important. Every report can help in preventing injuries or even death. You can find the registered dangerous dog list here.
Because a dog isn’t listed on the registry doesn’t mean it is safe. Always ask a dog owner before giving attention to any dog (big or small). Additionally, never approach a dog that isn’t on a leash.

What Should I Do After A Dog Attack?

  1. Seek medical help. If possible, collect any information about the owner and their dog. Do this before leaving the scene. The doctors will need to know more about the dog to make sure you are properly treated.
  2. Contact the police. Report the dog and the owner. Give as much detail as you can (location of the attack, dog description, owner description). Ask the police to make sure the dog is registered as dangerous to prevent future attacks.
  3. Follow up with any and all medical care. Your injuries may not seem bad. But, it is important to continue all treatment by your doctor. Even if you went to the ER, you should get an appointment with your doctor as a precaution.
  4. Contact an injury lawyer. Of course, we’re going to recommend a lawyer. Here’s why. An experienced lawyer will help you understand your options. A legal case isn’t always necessary, but might be the best course of action. Consider the medical bills and the time spent in appointments. Consultations are usually free.

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Philadelphia Dangerous Dog Law Firm

The legal team at Kane & Silverman helps people like you every day. We take dog attacks seriously because we have seen the injuries caused by dangerous dogs. Call or text us at 215-232-1000 for free advice in your situation. Or fill out our online contact form and a member of our legal team will contact you. Get a free confidential consultation at no obligation.
We have offices in Philadelphia and Marlton, New Jersey.