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AI Tech Monitors Amazon Delivery Drivers

Much is said about the problems with safety and Amazon delivery drivers. Delivery driver safety is a huge concern as each driver is expected to deliver hundreds of packages each day. What does Amazon do to improve the safety of its drivers and the communities they serve? AI cameras monitor Amazon delivery drivers to help improve safety. Is it enough?

amazon uses AI cameras to monitor delivery driver safety

Amazon Driver Talks About AI Cameras

An Amazon delivery driver went viral on TikTok for a video about the AI cameras in her delivery vehicle. While this driver was positive about the experience, some delivery drivers had criticisms of the cameras.

One driver had complained he was dinged for a safety violation while scratching his beard. The AI camera flagged the behavior as possibly using a handheld cellphone while driving – a big no-no for delivery drivers. However, the driver was able to dispute the safety violation for review and the negative mark was removed.

amazon improves delivery driver safety

Amazon Uses AI For Safety

AI cameras in delivery vehicles monitor for many possible safety issues. Drivers are monitored to make sure they fully stop at stop signs and red lights. Seatbelt use is also monitored to make sure drivers keep themselves safe. Many possible distractions are monitored and flagged when safety is concerned. The AI cameras watch for a variety of problems including:

  • distracted driving
  • tailgating
  • speeding
  • sign and signal violations
  • seatbelt use
  • and more

While Amazon’s delivery drivers may not like the technology, the goal is to keep drivers and communities safe.

amazon driver injury lawsuits

Amazon Sees Safety Improvements

A spokesperson for Amazon states the AI cameras are only to monitor safety, and drivers are not under constant surveillance. Additionally, the company has seen a 35% reduction in collisions involving its delivery drivers. This is a huge gain in safety!

Room For Improvement

However, there are some areas where Amazon still needs to improve delivery driver safety. A news report by CNBC cited a study by the Strategic Organizing Center. The study by the Strategic Organizing Center found 1 in 5 Amazon drivers suffered injuries in 2021. This was a 40% increase over 2020. In the package delivery industry, Amazon drivers and delivery partners suffer injuries at a rate 2.5x more than other delivery drivers. According to the report, 1 in 7 Amazon drivers suffered severe injuries that prevented them from their regular job duties or made them miss work.

Delivery Driver Safety Is Important

The safety of Amazon delivery drivers and the communities they serve is important. When companies step up to improve driver safety, everyone benefits.