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Amazon Basics Product Injury

Amazon May Be Cutting Corners Creating Hazards

Amazon is a mega-conglomerate in the business world. Everywhere you go, Amazon is there. They even have their own product line, Amazon Basics. Many people trust Amazon, but are its discount products safe? Are there any reports of Amazon Basics product injury?

amazon basics product injury lawsuit

Dangerous Amazon Products

Amazon Basics may be cutting corners and creating unnecessary, dangerous hazards. Some products have even caught fire! These products are shockingly still on the market. In 2020, CNN put together a report of dangerous products Amazon sells under its Basics product line.

Amazon Basics Defects

Here are the important facts you need to know about Amazon and their Basics line of products:

Product Hazards

Since 2016, there have been over 1500 reviews of over 70 Amazon Basics products. Some of the reviews call out hazards from using Amazon Basics products. The reviews mention Amazon Basics products have:

  • exploded
  • melted
  • electrical shock
  • caught fire
  • smoked

Over 30 of these products are still available for sale. Amazon defends some could be user error but this may not be the case. Situations such as explosions and fire can hurt people.

amazon basics product reviews mention safety hazards

Amazon Remains Mum

Amazon has not fully addressed the Amazon Basics hazard situations. The company provided a minimal explanation of the faulty and dangerous nature of its products. They also have not explained how they plan to fix the error.

Dangerous Amazon Basics Products

Several of the items that have severely malfunctioned, exploded, or caught on fire are:

  • paper shredders
  • microwaves
  • phone chargers
  • phone batteries

Poor Manufacturing Quality

Several engineers took it upon themselves to retrieve some of the devices for analysis. One Amazon Basics product is a microwave that caught fire. After investigation, engineers found the microwave was poorly manufactured.

Amazon Denies Problems

Amazon did not respond to the findings and said the microwave is in proper working condition, exceeding the standard. We’re not trying to say all Amazon Basics products are faulty. But, when a product is faulty the manufacturer owes a duty to those harmed.

Product Liability

Product liability is when a manufacturer or distributor is held responsible for injuries after a defective product causes harm to a person. Manufacturers and sellers have a legal and moral obligation to protect their consumers. But, people get hurt when manufacturers cut corners on testing and safety.

Product Safety

Products must follow all safety protocols during production. Manufacturers must also ensure all products are safe for consumer use and consumption. Not following these rules elicits negligence. We’ve seen companies, like Amazon, try to dodge product liability claims.

Amazon Product Injury Lawsuits

According to The Verge, Amazon has faced over 60 federal lawsuits regarding product liability thus far. The company can be held responsible for damages from selling dangerous, faulty products. Not removing dangerous products from online listings can further increase their level of liability…and harm to consumers.

product liability claims attorney in pennsylvania or new jersey

Product Liability Attorneys

Do you have questions about an Amazon Basics product injury claim? If a defective Amazon Basics product injures you or a loved one, you may have a claim. Talk to a local product liability attorney in Pennsylvania or New Jersey for advice. They can be held liable for selling products that are dangerous and hazardous to one’s safety. Call us today to discuss your claim and get the compensation you deserve.

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