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Amazon Product Liability

Amazon Held Accountable for Faulty Products

A legal ruling in Pennsylvania determined Amazon liable for selling faulty products. In the past, Amazon was not considered a “seller” and was not charged. They were exempt from all product liability cases.
The ruling could hold Amazon liable for any injury caused by products sold on their website. They are no longer considered exempt from these lawsuits.

amazon product liability lawsuit

The Landmark Case

A woman brought a personal injury suit against Amazon after becoming blind in one eye. A retractable leash she purchased from Amazon struck her the eye. She will not recover from this injury.
After failed attempts to contact the third-party retailer, it seems the seller vanished. Then, she sued Amazon for negligence and strict liability. The court rejected the case. But after appeal, a higher court determined Amazon as the seller. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held Amazon can be considered the seller. This is in part due to communication between buyer and seller must go through Amazon. Amazon was then considered the legal seller and liable for her injuries.

retractable dog leash injury


Online sellers must offer safe products for sale. They have to ensure products are safe and meet proper protocol and safety measures.
Where there is negligence, an injury may result. They must replace all faulty products which may cause injury.

Strict Liability

Pennsylvania law recognizes three types of strict products liability claims:

  • Design defect claims
  • Failure to warn claims
  • Manufacturing defect claims

These claims determine whether a product is “unreasonably dangerous.” They also determine the liability of the seller. Manufacturing defect claims are among the most common.

faulty dog leash injury - product liability

What It All Means

After this ruling, consumers are not the only ones who will benefit. This encourages Amazon to be more selective in the products they sell. Quality products should be the only items selected and sold to consumers.
If you receive injury from a product sold through Amazon, you now have options. You may qualify for an Amazon product liability lawsuit. Many people receive injury each year and now have the right to hold Amazon accountable.

Amazon Product Liability Law Firm

You will not need to track down the third-party seller any longer. Our team of esteemed legal workers will assist you with your lawsuit. We will provide the knowledge and guide you through your case.
If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a product sold through Amazon, we can help. Our lawyers at Kane & Silverman will hold sellers of defective products accountable. We fight for your rights to get you compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, wage loss, etc.
Call or text us today at 215-232-1000 to speak to a member of our legal team. Or use this form to schedule a free personal injury consultation. Consultations are always free. We never charge you unless we recover money for you.