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Automatic Braking Technology Lawsuits

A new wave of cheaper technology and AI programming has spawned a wave of ‘automatic’ safety features in vehicles. Features, like automatic braking, are supposed to prevent collisions. But, does this technology work all the time?

automatic braking technology lawsuit

Here are the details you need to know regarding automatic braking technology:

What Is Automatic Braking Technology?

Automatic braking technology is described as “a safety feature that automatically activates the vehicle’s brake system, to some degree, when necessary.” These systems can range anywhere from slowing the vehicle automatically to pre-charging brakes. In some models, some advanced systems can completely delegate control and halt the vehicle to prevent a collision.

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But does this mean that you can depend on automatic braking to avoid a collision? Absolutely not. Analysts are now revealing that automatic braking technology is not always dependable. Reliability can vary between manufacturers, but safety tests revealed common issues:

  • does not work as well in the dark
  • can malfunction and lock brakes whilst driving
  • may not work at higher speeds

Is Automatic Braking Dangerous?

Automatic braking can save pedestrians’ lives when it works. This technology is intended to prevent collisions. However, it is not always reliable. Even with automatic features, drivers should remain alert and keep their eyes on the road. The combination of technology and safe driving is the best way to reduce collisions and injuries.

car safety feature causes injury

It is wise to continue safe driving practices even when you have a vehicle with an automatic braking system. New safety features have the potential to stop or reduce the severity of crashes.

New Safety Tech Isn’t Always Reliable

Lane departure warning and forward collision warning systems can also malfunction. The new tech is great when it works – and it helps many drivers avoid a crash. But, there are times when safety tech malfunctions in a way that puts people at risk.

Safety Feature Lawsuits

Several years ago, the first automatic brake lawsuit was filed in US courts. The lawsuit alleges the automatic braking system activates without warning. Braking can occur while driving over railroads and through intersections. Plaintiffs claim the brakes locked up and malfunctioned, thus causing collisions.

rear-end crash injury lawyer

As automatic safety features become widely available, more drivers may experience problems. The automatic braking systems would improperly engage, causing the car to abruptly stop.

Marketed As Safe

Manufacturers market automatic braking technology as a dependable safety feature. However, the reality is this technology is still new and not completely reliable. When safety features fail, injured people may have a valid claim.

Have You Been Injured?

Were you or a loved one injured by malfunctioning automatic braking technology? The designers and manufacturers may be partially responsible. Talk to an attorney at Kane & Silverman in a free consultation.
Our team of legal experts can help you get the compensation you need.