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6 Ways to Avoid a Halloween Lawsuit

Ghosts and goblins and lawsuits, oh my! While Halloween should be a fun day filled with tricks and treats, there are some risks associated with welcoming trick-or-treaters onto your property and the high number of pedestrians walking around. Help keep your community safe and avoid a lawsuit this Halloween by taking proper precautions.

6 Ways to Avoid a Lawsuit this Halloween

  1. Clear your property of obstacles. Limit the potential for trips, slips and falls by clearing walkways of hazards like Halloween decorations. Also be sure to clean up anything else on your lawn like garden hoses, flower pots, tree roots, and sprinklers.
  2. Turn on the lights. While a dimmed or dark house may fit the spooky mood of Halloween, it can be dangerous if people can’t see objects on your property. Keep your house and yard well-lit so trick-or-treaters can see where they are walking.
  3. Keep your dog in a safe, locked place. Even the nicest dog may get overwhelmed with all the activity going on. You don’t want to risk any trick-or-treaters getting a dog bite, so make sure the dog is secure.
  4. Don’t leave open, lit candles outside and keep jack-o-lanterns away from walkways. An open, lit candle presents the risk of someone knocking it over or falling into it, or a costume getting caught on fire. Use battery-operated candles or decorative lights outside instead.
  5. Be on high alert while driving. There are a lot more people walking outside than on a normal night, so watch for pedestrians in the street. Keep your eyes peeled for dark-colored costumes that may be hard to see. Don’t expect kids to see you – some of them might be wearing a costume, mask, or hat that obstructs their view. Also be extra careful when pulling into a driveway and look to make sure no one is around.
  6. Don’t drive drunk. Some people over the age of 21 might be celebrating by drinking alcohol at a house party or bar. Have a designated driver or take a taxi home.

Halloween should be enjoyable, not dangerous. Spread the word around your neighborhood to keep your community safe. Have a happy and safe Halloween from everyone at Kane and Silverman! And be sure to check out these four bizarre Halloween lawsuit stories.

Halloween Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one gets hit by a car, bitten by a dog or slips and falls on someone’s property this Halloween, the personal injury lawyers at Kane & Silverman can help. Contact us for a free evaluation of your claim.