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Broken Chair Injury

Case Study

Alonso and his wife, Camila, went to the mall to have pictures taken. What was going to be a fun trip for the couple, turned into a lot of medical bills. Alonso was sitting on a chair that broke, causing a serious back injury. They came to us for help. Were we able to help them?

Faulty Product Liability

Alonso told us about how he was sitting at the photo studio. He was in the chair for about 15 minutes. He and his wife were reviewing photos with the photographer. But, the chair broke. It was so unexpected, Alonso was not shifting in his chair, it just broke. Then, he was on the floor in extreme pain.
At first, this sounded like a product liability case. But, then we found other evidence.
Our team contacted the manufacturer. We also spoke to the photography studio. The studio was a chain, and they directed us to a furniture dealer. The chain had purchased a lot of chairs from the same furniture dealer.

defective chair injury case study - kane & silverman

Faulty Chair Manufacturer

We talked to the chair manufacturer. They claimed there was nothing wrong with their chairs. But, somehow several chairs used in the studio chain broke and hurt people. Through further digging, we found only the chairs sold to the studios were “faulty.” Something wasn’t right. We kept investigating.

Emails Point To A Problem

Our team gathered further evidence from the photo studio and furniture dealer. We poured over emails and documents. Our team reviewed assembly instructions. Then, we found the problem. The chairs were all assembled without a part. A small screw was needed to hold each leg in place. Those screws were missing. But, who assembled the chairs? Who was responsible?

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Shared Liability

The chair was assembled wrong. We established that. We found the furniture dealer put the chairs together. But, the photo studio knew about the problem with the chairs and continued to use them. Both companies shared responsibility for Alonso’s injury. And, we meant to prove that in court.

Broken Chair Injury Lawsuit

This case started as a product liability lawsuit. But, that changed to a premises liability case. The defendants were pointing fingers at each other. Alonso needed help.
Alonso was hurt. Our investigation found who was responsible. Now, we prepared our case to help him. We tried to offer mediation, but the defense refused. So, we prepared our case against them in court. A week before the trial, they changed their attitude and agreed to settle. We negotiated an $800,000 settlement for Alonso’s injury.

philadelphia mall injury lawyer

Philadelphia Chair Injury Lawyer

We’ve been helping people like Alonso since 1990. Our experienced legal team got him the results he deserved, we can help you too. Please call our office at 215-232-1000 to talk to a member of our legal team about your situation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, free of charge. Or, you can fill out our online form to schedule a free injury consultation.
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