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Cancer Caused By Johnson’s Baby Powder

Cancer Caused By Johnson’s Baby Powder

We reported a few years ago on the growing list of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder lawsuits. More evidence has shown J&J knew their talc powder did contain asbestos. Cancer caused by Johnson’s Baby Powder is now easier to prove in civil court.

women have cancer caused by johnson's baby powder

Court Releases J&J Internal Documents

Over the years, several court cases against Johnson’s Baby Powder have been successful. A big change came when lawyers discovered internal documents from Johnson & Johnson. Test results show the company knew of dangerous levels of asbestos in their talc powder. But, the company continued to sell the powder as safe. As a result, many women now have cancer caused by Johnson’s Baby Powder.

raw talc mineral contains asbestos

Successful Cases Against Johnson’s Baby Powder

There are over 13,000 open lawsuits against Johnson’s Baby Powder in the US. Some cases have settled out of court. In the beginning, some cases weren’t successful. Still, the tide is changing. More cases are getting large jury verdicts.

Large Verdicts Against Johnson’s Baby Powder

A woman in California won a $29 million lawsuit against Johnson’s Baby Powder. She was able to prove she had cancer caused by Johnson’s Baby Powder. Also, Johnson & Johnson lost an appeal to a $4.7 billion verdict against their baby powder. In that case, several women proved they have cancer caused by Johnson’s Baby Powder.

Not Every Case Is Successful

It’s important to remember, not every case is successful. And, even successful cases get stuck in appeals. An experienced product liability lawyer is your best offense.

Asbestos Cancer Consultation

If you have cancer caused by Johnson’s Baby Powder, call us for help. If a loved one died as a result of their asbestos-related cancer, speak to our legal team. We want to help you get the results you deserve.

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