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Candle Explosion Injury Lawyer

We met Carmen after she suffered a serious injury from a candle explosion. Her injury was serious and required emergency treatment and ongoing follow-up care. To be clear, Carmen had serious injuries, this wasn’t a property damage case.

Our firm does not handle property damage claims unless it is an insurance bad faith issue. If a candle causes property damage, file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance.

Learn More About Insurance Bad Faith Claims

Candle Explosion Causes Serious Injury

Carmen bought a couple of small candles at her local dollar store. She had purchased the same candles before and liked the way they smelled. Later that week, she lit one of the candles, put it down on the coffee table, and grabbed something in the kitchen.

candle explosion injury attorney

When Carmen returned less than five minutes later, there was a large flame coming from the candle. Frantic, she pulled a blanket from the couch to put over the candle to smother the flame. The candle’s flame was out. But as Carmen removed the blanket, the candle relit. She didn’t know what to do. Carmen put the blanket back over the candle.

The candle exploded. Hot wax splashed the coffee table, the TV, and the floor. Carmen felt the hot wax on her hand and feet. The wax was so hot, her skin immediately started to peel and bubble up. She felt so much pain.

Carmen’s husband rushed her to the emergency room. At the emergency room, the staff sent Carmen to the local burn center for specialized treatment. Her hand was swollen and the skin was peeling off. Burns are some of the most painful injuries.

Serious Burns From Defective Candle

Carmen had 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns from the wax. It was constant pain. She spent one night in the burn center for observation and care. There were weeks of follow-up visits and Carmen had to clean her burns and change the bandages twice a day.

Paying For Medical Treatment

A big problem for Carmen was paying for treatment. The bills from the emergency room and burn center were expensive – too expensive for Carmen and her husband to pay. She wasn’t done with her medical treatments, but she couldn’t afford to complete her treatment plan.

After several months, Carmen’s burns were healed, but heavily scarred. She has nerve damage and takes a prescription to manage the pain.

hot wax exploding candle injury lawsuit

Candle Explosion Lawyer

Carmen spoke to an attorney for advice. The attorney she spoke to didn’t handle injury claims, but he sent her to us for a consultation.

We spoke to Carmen and she chose us to represent her in her candle explosion injury case. Our team went to work gathering all the information needed to build her case.

Case Details: Candle Explosion

Injury: 2nd- and 3rd-Degree Burns on Dominant Hand, Minor Burn to Foot
Medical Expenses: $40,000+
Offer With Negotiation: $45,000
Final Settlement: $240,000

exploding candle injury attorney

How An Injury Attorney Can Help

Carmen was injured by a defective candle, but no one wanted to take responsibility for those injuries. The dollar store, the manufacturer, no one would help her. Without an attorney, Carmen got nowhere. No representatives would help her with her injury claim. However, when Randall and his team started working on her case we started getting answers for Carmen.

Even with an attorney, negotiation is a difficult process. The dollar store and the manufacturer weren’t willing to provide fair compensation. Initially, the companies offered $45,000. But, Carmen’s medical bills were over $40,000.

Final Settlement

After a lot of negotiation, we were able to secure a $240,000 settlement for Carmen. She is able to afford medical treatment and prescription medications to help her live a normal life.

Candle Explosion Lawsuit

If Carmen had given up, she would have been stuck with over $40,000 in medical bills. By contacting a candle explosion injury lawyer, we were able to get her the money she deserved.

If you are injured by an exploding candle, talk to an injury attorney for help. Kane & Silverman is an injury law firm serving people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Contact us for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.

Important Information:
The story above is based on an actual case handled at Kane & Silverman. The client’s name and the defendant(s) names have been changed, but the basic details of the case are true.