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Car Crashes in Winter Weather [Infographic]

Car Crashes In Winter Weather

Snow. You either love it or hate it. Or maybe your feelings fall somewhere between those two extremes. But driving in the snow? That’s a different story. Sure, the snow looks pretty. But when it starts sticking on roads and turns into a sloppy mess, things can get ugly. Unless you happen to have a dog sled or snowmobile, driving your car in the snow is sometimes your only option. But snow and ice-covered roads are dangerous. These slippery road conditions lead to many car accidents.

Car crashes in winter weather are scary. It’s always best to avoid driving when weather conditions are bad. But when you do have to drive in winter weather, it’s important to follow safety tips for driving in snow and ice to help prevent a car crash. If you do get into a crash, it will help if you are prepared with a winter car emergency kit. For more safety tips and statistics on car crashes in winter weather, check out the infographic below.

Winter Car Accident Statistics & Safety Tips


Winter Car Crash Lawyers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, you know how badly winter weather can affect the roads. That’s why it’s so important for drivers to use extra caution when driving during or after a snowstorm. But sometimes drivers are negligent even in bad weather. If you or a loved one is injured in a car crash this winter, you deserve a compassionate attorney to fight for your rights. Contact an auto accident lawyer at Kane & Silverman for a free evaluation of your claim. Our legal team will evaluate every factor that led to your crash, including road conditions. Call or text us at 215-232-1000 or fill out our contact form online.