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Casino Injury

Can You Claim Compensation From A Casino Injury?

Gambling in casinos is one of America’s favorite pastimes. People even make a career out of it! Casinos are typically open 24/7 and are bustling with people anxious to hit the jackpot. But, a casino injury can break the bank. Don’t let the house win! Get a free legal consultation with a casino injury lawyer.

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Casino Safety

Safety is a priority for most casinos. Yet, there are times when a lack of training or a lapse in procedure leads to an injury. Here are some typical injuries that occur in casinos:

Casino Negligence

There can be many ways a casino can be negligent that result in an injury. Here are some examples of casino injuries from negligence:

Spills on Floor

The most common form of negligence is slip and trip hazards. Wet floors cause slip and fall injuries. Trip hazards like loose or uneven flooring cause people to fall. Slip and falls attribute for major injuries in casinos that can result in broken bones, concussions, and even paralysis.

slipper casino floor injury

Poorly Maintained Equipment And Furniture

Casinos must ensure the safety of furniture and equipment for casino guests. This includes chairs, tables, elevators, escalators, and more. These items must be properly maintained and inspected to keep guests safe.

Overserving Alcohol

Overserving alcohol to guests is a usual occurrence at casinos. While most casinos water-down their drinks, overserving is still a problem. Too much alcohol can result in alcohol poisoning and even death. Additionally, overserving alcohol contributes to drunk driving accidents. If an over-served driver injures other people, those injured people may be eligible for a dram shop lawsuit against the casino.

Dimly Lit Parking Lot

If guests cannot see in the parking lot, there is a risk of vehicle-pedestrian accidents. Additionally, this also applies inside the casino. Dim lighting can contribute to slip and fall injuries.

parking lot injury lawyer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Lack of Proper Security

Some casinos do not properly staff their security. Security personnel must be in place to ensure the safety of the guests on casino property. A lack of proper security can lead to robberies and assaults.

When is the Casino Liable?

If the casino has been negligent, they may be liable for any injuries and damages that incur. Premises Liability laws protect guests when they are injured on casino property.

If a guest is injured on casino property, the casino might be responsible. The casino has a reasonable duty of care to protect guests from any foreseeable accident or injury on casino property. And, casino injury cases can be worth big money for seriously injured people.

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Injured In A Casino?

Were you injured in a casino? Call Kane & Silverman to discuss your case. Get a free legal consultation with one of our reputable personal injury attorneys in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. We are here to file a claim on your behalf to get you the money you need after your injury.

We have fought for the rights of injured clients. Our legal team has a proven track record of obtaining maximum compensation for our clients. Call us today!