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Illegally Parked Car Injury Claims

Parking can sometimes be a difficult part of driving, especially in heavily populated areas. Finding good, and legal, parking in cities such as Philadelphia is very tough. At times, finding… Read More

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Car insurance is very confusing to many people. It may be difficult to determine which plan is right for you. In PA there are many options to choose from, making… Read More

Daytime Running Lights

Safety Feature Or Safety Hazard Daytime running lights are an important safety feature on motor vehicles. They are not meant as automatic headlights. Daytime running lights are intended for use… Read More

Seatback Failure

When a car accident occurs, manufacturing defects can make all the difference between minor and major injuries. Proper safety equipment minimizes injuries in an accident. A seatback failure can cause… Read More

When Is A Car Totaled?

What does it mean when a car is totaled? What is the ‘total loss formula’ in Pennsylvania. Learn more.