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4 Tips to Avoid a Lawsuit This Holiday Season

‘Tis the Season…for Holiday Accidents? The holiday season is a joyous and exciting time. But unfortunately, there are safety risks even during this happy time of year. Between parties with alcohol, winter… Read More

Teen Driver Attempts to Kill Spider

Spiders can be Scary – 11 Injured, Driver Attempts to Kill Spider The Hutchinson News reports that a 17-year-old girl in Kansas took her hand off the steering wheel to… Read More

Four Bizarre but Real Halloween Lawsuits

Strange Halloween Lawsuits Odd lawsuits happen all the time. But with the tricks and spooks associated with Halloween, it is no surprise that some Halloween lawsuits can be particularly strange. From… Read More

6 Ways to Avoid a Halloween Lawsuit

Ghosts and goblins and lawsuits, oh my! While Halloween should be a fun day filled with tricks and treats, there are some risks associated with welcoming trick-or-treaters onto your property… Read More