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Child Drowning Attorney

The unexpected loss of a child is a heartbreaking tragedy. Children can also suffer severe injury due to drowning. When a child suffers injury or dies as the result of drowning, parents may question if the drowning could have been prevented. Is it possible to bring legal action to punish the person or business responsible for the child’s drowning death or injury? In some cases, a child drowning attorney can help.

child drowning lawsuit attorney

Child Drowning Statistics

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4 in the United States. In 2019 almost 400 children under 15 died of drowning. Since then 400 children die of drowning in the US each year, and the numbers continue to go up. For every child who drowns, 5 more suffer drowning injuries that require emergency medical care.

Having a swimming pool is a large responsibility. 87% of child drownings happen in residential pools or hot tubs. It’s not just swimming pools and hot tubs, other places with water can be dangerous. Nearly any water can pose a danger to young children if not properly secured. Other places include wells, cisterns, septic tanks, decorative ponds, and more.

Child Drowning Negligence

Child drowning is often the result of negligence. This doesn’t mean a person/business intended to drown a child, but did not use reasonable caution to prevent it. Negligence can take many forms. Here are some basic examples.

Lack of Fence and/or Barrier to Prevent Entry – Small children are often drawn to pools, ponds, and other water features. Property owners are typically required to install some kind of physical barrier to prevent an unsupervised child from entering a pool. Wells and septic tanks must also have covers to prevent accidental entry.

In many situations, it doesn’t matter if a small child was trespassing. According to the attractive nuisance doctrine, property owners must take reasonable care to prevent easy access to any pool.

Staffing Issues – Commercial pools and water attractions operated as part of a business must provide trained and/or certified staff to help keep everyone safe. A lack of properly trained staff can increase the risk of injury/harm for anyone using the facility.

Poor/Improper Maintenance – Proper pool maintenance is important to safety. Dirty water can make it difficult to see what is under the surface. Broken or damaged parts can increase the risk of someone getting trapped underwater. Proper maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner and any company hired to handle repairs.

child drowning negligence lawsuit

Drowning Injury/Death Lawsuit

No amount of money can replace a child who dies of drowning. But, a drowning death lawsuit or drowning injury lawsuit can hold negligent people/businesses accountable for the harm they have caused. Additionally, this kind of lawsuit can help raise awareness and prevent future tragedies. A child drowning attorney may be able to help you.

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