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Common Mistakes People Make After A Car Accident

Not every car accident ends in mangled vehicles or injured people. However, in nearly every car accident, there are certain mistakes people make that cause trouble for an insurance or injury claim. As a personal injury law firm, we see common mistakes that people make after a car accident can result in BIG problems during the claims process.

mistakes after a car accident

Learn the common mistakes people make after a car accident and how to avoid making them yourself. If you have questions about an injury claim, we’re here to help.

Common Mistakes After A Car Accident

After a car accident, most people are understandably shaken. It doesn’t matter how minor or severe the crash is, people are rattled and not thinking clearly.

Common mistakes people make after a car accident include:

  1. Not Calling the Police: Even if the accident seems minor, it’s important to call the police to report the crash. A police report can provide crucial documentation for insurance claims or disputes about who was at fault.
  2. Don’t Leave the Scene: Even if you weren’t at fault, leaving the scene of a crash can be considered a crime. Drivers are required to stop and exchange information with other drivers and report the collision to police. Leaving the scene could also result in denial of any related insurance claims. Additionally, leaving the scene of an accident that caused injury or death can result in felony charges in many states.
  3. Admitting Fault: Avoid admitting fault or apologizing at the scene of the accident. Tell the truth and stick to the facts. The police will speak to everyone involved and any witnesses to put together a report.
  4. Not Gathering Evidence: If it is safe to do so, it is important to collect evidence at the scene. This includes photos of the damage, license plates, insurance information, and contact details of witnesses. This information can be valuable when filing an insurance claim.
  5. Neglecting Medical Attention: If you have an injury from the collision, it is important to seek medical attention. Additionally, it is important to follow through with your medical provider’s treatment plan.
  6. Don’t Delay Reporting to Insurance: It’s important to report the accident to your insurance company promptly. Delaying this could complicate the claims process or even result in denial of coverage. If there is any doubt about how to handle your claim, talk to an attorney first.
  7. Settling Too Quickly: Don’t rush to settle with the other party’s insurance company. Consult with a lawyer and fully understand the extent of your damages before accepting any settlement offers.
  8. Not Following Doctor’s Orders: If you’ve been injured, it’s crucial to follow your doctor’s orders for treatment and rehabilitation. Failing to do so could harm your health and weaken your injury claim.
  9. Ignoring Legal Rights: Know your rights after an accident. Consult with a personal injury attorney to understand your legal options to ensure you receive fair compensation for your damages.
  10. Not Documenting Expenses: Keep detailed records of all expenses related to the accident, including medical bills, vehicle repairs, rental car costs, and lost wages. This documentation will be essential for calculating damages and negotiating a settlement.
  11. Posting on Social Media: Many of us like to present our best selves on social media. Be aware your social media posts could be used against you during insurance negotiations or legal proceedings.
car accident injury lawyer

Car Accident Injury Law Firm

If you have been injured in a car accident, Kane & Silverman can help. Contact us for a free injury consultation with an attorney. We can help injured people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for you.