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Common Myths in Personal Injury Cases

What are common myths in personal injury cases? Personal injury cases are misunderstood by most people. Many people have no experience with a personal injury claim. As a result, most people rely on what they hear in the news. It can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

common myths in personal injury claims

Personal injury cases are how the law helps injured people recover money after someone hurts them. This money is used to make them “whole” after the injury. But, things can easily become misconstrued about personal injury cases and their processes.

Top Common Myths in Personal Injury Cases

People Fake Their Injuries

The most common myth is that people fake injuries in hopes of getting a big payout. This myth promotes a falsehood that anyone pursuing a personal injury case is not truly injured.

Fact: It is nearly impossible to fake injuries. Personal injury claims require medical evidence and treatment.

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fake injury claims are rare

Personal Injury Claims Are Frivolous

Another common myth of personal injury claims says they are frivolous. Sure, there are some strange “cases” reported in the news. Personal injury claims include a real, physical injury. To be successful, a personal injury must include medical treatment.

Fact: Nearly all frivolous claims are rejected before they even make it to a courtroom. Additionally, only 10% of injured people file a personal injury claim outside of their own insurance.

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PI Cases are Easy Money

Many are under the assumption that personal injury lawsuits are easy money. Like winning the lottery. The news and attorneys that advertise on TV want you to believe it. Will you be set for life if your injury claim is successful?

Fact: The injured person is actually injured. No amount of money is worth having a permanent injury.

Minor Injuries Do Not Need a Lawsuit

Some people think minor injuries aren’t enough for a successful claim. This is false! It is true that many claims don’t turn into lawsuits. This is because many claims settle before getting the courts involved.

Fact: Even people with minor injuries can be eligible for compensation. It’s important to understand the impact of an injury and the value of a claim. A personal injury attorney can help you understand what your claim might be worth.

minor injury insurance claims

Additionally, an injury lawyer can assist you should the injury become worse. Some injuries get worse with time. Talking to an experienced lawyer early in the process helps protect your interests.

You Do Not Need An Attorney

The last huge myth is that you do not need an attorney. If you or a loved one are injured in an accident, hiring an attorney is the difference between getting the help you need or endless medical bills.

Fact: Injury attorneys negotiate with the opposing party to get you the best outcome possible. People that hire an injury attorney average 60% higher settlements than people that don’t.

Injury Law Firm In PA & NJ

At Kane & Silverman, we have been helping injured people since 1990. If you have an injury, call Kane & Silverman today for a free legal consultation. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means, if we don’t recover money for you-you don’t pay us anything.