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Crossbow Injury Lawyer 

Shooting a crossbow can be a wonderful leisure activity. 23 states now allow crossbow hunting along with archery for hunting season. However, crossbows can be incredibly dangerous. There are specific crossbow models with defects that cause injury. If you have an injury caused by a defect, talk to an experienced crossbow injury lawyer for help.

crossbow injury lawyer

Crossbow Defects

Crossbow designs are dependent on the ability to fire a small projectile at high speed. Several models of crossbows are known to be improperly designed. These design defects have caused some serious injuries to hunters. Numerous lawsuits have been filed to compensate injured victims.

Do You Have A Crossbow Injury Lawsuit?

Here is everything you need to know about crossbow injury lawsuits:

What Is A Crossbow?

A crossbow is a weapon fashioned to shoot like a firearm. There are 5 main styles of crossbows. Generally, a crossbow consists of a bow that is mounted on a stock and is fired by pulling the trigger.

Hunting And Leisure Use

Crossbows can be used for hunting and leisure purposes. When the design of the crossbow is defective, however, it can cause serious and even life-changing injuries.

hunting injuries

Common Crossbow Injuries

There are numerous common crossbow injuries. They include:

  • injury to fingers
  • finger amputation
  • hand injury
  • eye injury
  • severed nerves/loss of feeling
  • injury to torso or limbs
  • neck injury
  • broken nose
  • deep lacerations
  • scars

Defective Crossbow

The design or parts of a crossbow can be faulty or defective. Faulty parts can lead to an increased risk of crossbow-related injuries. If you have been injured by faulty parts on a crossbow, a product liability lawyer may be able to help you. 

What Is A Defective Product?

A defective product is a manufacturing or design defect that compromises the integrity of the product. The defect can wreak havoc on the safety of the user or consumer. A defect usually occurs in the design or manufacturing process. Product testing and quality control can identify defects before customers buy and use the product. When defects are present in products on store shelves, this puts people at risk.

defective product injury lawsuits

Crossbow Thumb Guard

One of the most common injuries from a crossbow is due to the thumb guard, or lack thereof. An improper or missing thumb guard has been the cause of many injuries. Barnett recently made a change to include thumb guards on its crossbow models. 

Unfortunately, the company failed to recall the previous models with no thumb guards. These models have caused many finger injuries and amputations. This company has been the subject of multiple crossbow injury lawsuits to date.

Who Is Liable For Crossbow Injuries?

Liability for an injury can depend upon several things. If the crossbow itself was defective, the manufacturer can be held accountable. Talk to a product liability attorney for a free evaluation of your injury claim.

Were You Injured By A Crossbow?

If you were injured by a crossbow, document any evidence that suggests the injury was not due to your negligence. Track all expenses related to your injury. Contact a crossbow injury attorney. Your personal injury lawyer will help you build a case and hold the responsible party accountable for your injury. Contact Kane & Silverman today to talk to a product liability attorney for free.