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Daytime Running Lights

Safety Feature Or Safety Hazard

Daytime running lights are an important safety feature on motor vehicles. They are not meant as automatic headlights. Daytime running lights are intended for use during the day. These lights allow others to identify the vehicle as active. Although these lights are meant to be used as a safety feature, in some situations they can cause more harm than good.

daytime running lights at night

When a vehicle has the daytime running lights activated, only the front lights are illuminated. There are no marker or tail lights illuminated. While this is not a problem during the daytime, this creates a danger for vehicles in the dark. Headlights on a car cover lights all around the car for visibility at night from all angles. Many times, a driver is not aware that their vehicle only has daytime running lights activated. This creates a hazard for other drivers at night.

The Danger Of Daytime Running Lights

Drivers using only daytime running lights at night create a hazard for other drivers. Since the drivers sees light in front of them, they may not realize the tail lights are out. This is very dangerous because it reduces the vehicle’s visibility to other drivers. Others on the road may not see the vehicle with no rear lights on. This is especially true in conditions with reduced visibility, such as fog, rain, or snow. 

Why Have Daytime Running Lights At All?

Daytime running lights are an important safety feature, but they are imperfect. While they are helpful to identify an active vehicle during the day, automatic daytime lights aren’t safe for night use.

nighttime accident lawyer

Low Visibility Accidents 

There are over 38,000 accidents every year attributed to low visibility associated with fog. These collisions are very dangerous and result in serious injury or even death. Out of these fog-related collisions, about 16,000 people end up with injuries each year as a result.

fog accidents

Though not all of these accidents are caused by daytime running light features, the reduced visibility may be a contributing factor. Imagine driving in fog and not being able to see a car in front of you because the driver is accidentally using their daytime running lights.

Whose Fault Is It?

If a driver fails to use their headlights when appropriate, are they responsible for a crash? It depends on the details of the situation. It can be a complicated problem. If you’re injured in a crash, talk to an injury lawyer about your situation.

Contact An Injury Lawyer Today 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to an injury lawyer at Kane and Silverman for a free case evaluation. Contact us for a free consultation and learn how much your claim could be worth.