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Deadly Neglect In Nursing Homes

Nursing homes have been at the center of controversy in the last year. From improper staff behavior to patient neglect, COVID has placed a giant magnifying glass on nursing homes. Problems from before the pandemic are exacerbated, showing deadly neglect in nursing homes.

deadly neglect in nursing homes

Magnified Neglect

In a shocking twist, the rise of nursing home negligence does not spawn from COVID alone. Conditions of neglect existed before the pandemic. Certain nursing homes repeatedly ignored staffing and safety requirements before the pandemic. Now, patients are dying in record numbers due to factors outside of the pandemic.

Putting Profits Before Safety

Many Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing homes are for-profit companies. But, states still have rules and regulations for these companies to follow. This also includes inspections.

Still, many of these for-profit nursing homes ignore these regulations to maximize profits. Before the pandemic, these homes would receive a small fine. But now people are dying in large numbers.

Inattention To Care

Reports are citing nursing homes are neglecting their elderly patients. A man named Donald Wallace resisted COVID ravaging others at his nursing home; however, he still died.

Reports state Mr. Wallace was neglected and suffered from a variety of health factors as a result. Investigators stated he had died of neglect with symptoms including:

  • septic shock
  • E.coli
  • pneumonia
  • poor hygiene
  • severe malnourishment
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Understaffing At Nursing Homes

This is just one of many reports that reveal similar circumstances of deadly neglect in nursing homes. Some reports state this inattention is blamed on understaffing at nursing homes due to the constraints of the pandemic. But, many of these nursing homes were under-staffed before the pandemic.

Increase In Nursing Home Deaths

It was found that in nursing homes where 3 in 10 patients contracted the virus, the death rate across the rest of the home doubled. These patients did not all die of the virus; the rest died of neglect.

Focus On COVID Patients

It is believed the nursing homes focused on ill patients and neglected the healthy ones. The staff may have been overburdened and as a result, negligence occurred and death followed.


Ultimately, nursing homes are responsible for their patients. They must care for elderly and disabled patients as they cannot care for themselves any longer. There is no excuse for neglect.

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Problems Related To Elderly Neglect

When patients are neglected, serious problems can occur. This includes, but is not limited to:

Who Is To Blame?

Who is to blame for this increase in nursing home neglect? In most situations, the nursing home is ultimately responsible for the care, or lack thereof, of their residents. Nursing home owners may be liable for not supplying adequate staff or safety measures to protect patients.

Do You Have a Claim?

There is no excuse for elderly abuse or nursing home neglect. If a nursing home fails to properly care for you or your loved one, they can be held liable in a court of law.

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Free Nursing Home Neglect Consultation

People’s lives are at risk when they depend on a nursing home to properly care for them. If you believe negligence occurred in a nursing home, please contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your situation. Contact us for a free legal consultation with a nursing home injury lawyer.