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Delayed Diagnosis Injury

When a delayed diagnosis causes permanent injury, it could be the basis for a malpractice case. But, what is a delayed diagnosis? How does a delayed diagnosis cause permanent injury?

medical testing delays lead to permanent injuries

When Delay Causes Injury

Usually, a delayed diagnosis refers to cancer. Of course, time is of the essence when a person has cancer. Additionally, cancer misdiagnosis or delay allows cancer to spread. But, delays can lead to other permanent injuries.
A recent news story illustrates the real dangers of delayed diagnosis. An Ohio boy was having problems with ear pain. His mother took him to the doctors, who ordered testing. The nurse ordered testing and sent samples to the lab. She needed the results back within 2 hours. But, test results didn’t come back until six days later.
Meanwhile, the boy’s pain spread and so did the infection. The infection became so severe it caused infection in the brain. Now, the boy is completely paralyzed. He is only able to move his eyes. He requires constant care for the rest of his life.

delayed diagnosis injury causes permanent loss

Who Is At Fault For Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed diagnosis can be caused by several factors. In the case above, the lab made a mistake. Additionally, the nurse that ordered the urgent testing didn’t follow up. These lapses caused the delay in diagnosis, which caused the infection to spread.

Delay Causes Permanent Injury

If the ear infection had been caught earlier when the testing was ordered, it could have been treated. Additionally, the boy would have been fine after the ear infection cleared up. Instead, the infection spread to his brain and caused permanent injury. In other cases, different circumstances could contribute to a delayed diagnosis.

laboratory testing delays diagnosis

Delayed Diagnosis Lawsuit

When proving a delayed diagnosis for an injury lawsuit, we must prove damage was caused by the delay. In the case above, the actual damage is evident. In other cases, it might not be so clear. If you have any questions about an injury caused by delayed diagnosis, speak to an experienced injury attorney.

Philadelphia Delayed Diagnosis Injury Attorneys

A delayed diagnosis can make a minor health problem into a permanent injury. The legal experts at Kane & Silverman are here to help you understand the options for your situation.
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Ear Infection Delayed Diagnosis Leads To $44 Million Settlement: