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Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About Distracted Driving?

Take The Distracted Driving Quiz

How much do you know about distracted driving? Take the quiz and understand the habits that are putting you and others in danger.

how much do you actually know about distracted driving quiz
You know distracted driving is dangerous. You’ve heard about it in the news, seen commercials, and read stories about the risks of distracted driving. Yet with all the media surrounding distracted driving dangers, people still do it.

Each year, State Farm surveys drivers to find how prevalent distracted driving is. The 2015 study found that 36% of drivers text while on the road. This number has remained steady over the past several years. But the prevalence of some other distracted driving activities has increased. Today, more drivers report accessing the Internet and using social media while driving than ever before. New technology like smartphones and voice-activated, hands-free systems contribute to distracted driving. Texting is one of the riskiest driving activities, but other less-obvious activities are dangerous as well.


Distracted driving crashes are preventable. If all drivers had their eyes on the road, their hands on the wheel and their mind focused on driving, the road would be safer. It’s important to follow safe practices while driving to reduce your risk of getting into a crash. Take our distracted driving quiz below to test your knowledge and become a safer driver.

Test Your Knowledge in Our Distracted Driving Quiz:

Have you ever checked your driving habits? Take this brief quiz to understand which of your driving habits present a danger. Take the distracted driving quiz here.

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If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a crash because of a distracted driver, the car accident lawyers at Kane & Silverman can help. You deserve a compassionate attorney who will get you compensation. Do not hesitate to contact our Pennsylvania and New Jersey auto accident attorneys for an evaluation of your claim. Your crash may have been prevented had the distracted driver been paying attention to the road. Our expert attorneys will investigate your claim and hold any negligent parties accountable. Kane & Silverman will fight for your rights during this difficult time.

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