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Do I Need To Clear Snow Off My Car?

Every driver has a duty to operate their vehicle with reasonable care. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to spend time cleaning snow and ice off your vehicle in the freezing cold. Do you have to clean snow and ice off your vehicle?

do I need to clean snow off my car?

Different States Have Different Rules

Not every state has explicit rules to cover removing snow and/or ice from your vehicle. In the states where we practice injury law, drivers are required to remove snow and ice from their vehicles before driving. Pennsylvania and New Jersey require drivers to clear all snow and ice. Maryland law requires drivers to clear all windows so that nothing obstructs the view.

Pennsylvania And Snow On Vehicles

In Pennsylvania, drivers must remove all snow and ice from vehicles before driving. This includes the mirrors, windows, roof, hood, bumpers, and all areas of the vehicle. Failure to remove snow and ice can result in fines. If snow or ice from your vehicle causes death or injury, you can be ticketed or held criminally responsible.

New Jersey And Snow On Vehicles

New Jersey requires drivers to remove all ice and snow before driving. Even commercial trucks are required to remove snow and ice on top of trailers. Failure to remove ice and snow can result in smaller fines. But, if the snow or ice causes property damage or hurts someone the driver will face larger fines.

Maryland And Snow On Vehicles

Maryland laws require drivers to clear snow and ice from all windows. Drivers must have a clear view of the area around their vehicle. While the laws do not specifically require drivers to remove all ice and snow, it is still recommended.

dislodged ice and snow creates a hazard for yourself and other drivers

Penalties For Damage From Ice Or Snow

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland all provide penalties for drivers when snow or ice from a vehicle causes harm or property damage. Is it worth risking a fine or hurting someone else? As an injury law firm, we always want people to put safety first. Safety for yourself, and safety for others is so important when operating a vehicle. Do the right thing and clean snow off your car.

Lawsuits Involving Snow Or Ice On Vehicles

There have been many news reports of vehicles damaged and drivers injured, or killed, by dislodged snow and ice. In fact, the law requiring drivers to remove snow and ice in PA is named after a woman who was killed by ice from a passing truck.

Are you able to sue a driver for injuries or the wrongful death of a family member related to snow or ice flying off their vehicle? A successful lawsuit against this kind of negligent driver would depend on several factors.

driver with snow on hood of car

Injury Or Death

Personal injury claims require a physical injury or death. Property damage alone is not grounds for a successful claim. Emotional distress alone is not grounds for a successful claim.

Duty Of Care

A successful injury claim must be able to prove the other driver owes a duty of care. This is typically covered by how their negligence caused the injury or death. However, in this kind of situation, it may be difficult to locate the at-fault driver.

Insurance Coverage

No matter how valid your claim is against another driver, insurance may limit how much you can recover. The at-fault driver’s insurance won’t want to pay you fair compensation for your injuries. Talk to a personal injury attorney near you for help.

Kane & Silverman Injury Law Firm

If you have questions about how to handle your injury claim, or the wrongful death claim of a loved one, the attorneys of Kane & Silverman are here to help. Consultations are free for personal injury and wrongful death claims. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for your claim.

Kane & Silverman has been helping injured people since 1990. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.