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Dog Groomer Injury

Dog Groomer Injury Attorney

For many of us, a dog or cat is part of our family. We couldn’t imagine life without our pets! What happens when you trust a service with your pet and something bad happens? Who do you call if the groomer injures your pet? Where do you turn for help?

Kane & Silverman does not take dog groomer injury cases, but there is helpful information below.

dog at the groomer - dog groomer injury

Dog Groomer Injury

First, we don’t want to imply groomers intend to hurt your pet. There are many great dog groomers out there. Most love animals and enjoy grooming. Most times, a trip to the groomer is uneventful. Everything goes as planned. However, sometimes, a pet may suffer injuries at the groomer.
We have found many stories of dogs injured at the groomer. It happens, and a good groomer will work to make the situation better. Sometimes it is just an honest accident. Unfortunately, there are horror stories too.

Dog Groomer Injury Horror Stories

One story involves a groomer who cut off a dog’s ear. The groomer never told the dog owner. It seems the groomer tried to glue the ear back on. When the owner realized and contacted police, the business was gone. The company and employee disappeared. The phone was disconnected. They had vanished in a matter of days.
Another story shares details of a mobile groomer abusing a dog. Witnesses saw the groomer hit the dog. They also reported hearing the dog yelp in pain. Police photos show a white rope allegedly used to choke the dog. Yet the grooming service denies any trouble. Even denying the bloody nose of the dog. The company claims the groomer is a trusted employee. The groomer continued to work during the investigation.

Dog Dies at the Groomer

What do you do when the unthinkable happens? You drop your dog off at a trusted groomer. Then, a call comes that your dog has died. There must be some mistake. A dog owner in New Jersey recently experienced this same scenario. She dropped off her dog, Scruffles, at a PetSmart. An hour later, she received a call. Her dog was on the way to the emergency vet. Upon arrival at the vet, her dog was already dead and no one from PetSmart was there. What happened? Digging for answers, she found Scruffles was not alone. Other owners had experienced problems with the same PetSmart location. Within a week, 2 dogs had died and another dog had a back injury. Sadly, PetSmart has not given answers about what happened with Scruffles.

sad dog on groomer table

Who to Call

A dog groomer injury can leave you confused. What do you do? Who do you talk to? First, you should seek medical help for your pet. Don’t forget, they are in pain and need treatment. Second, you should try to speak to the groomer. Ask them what happened to your pet. Third, ask police about filing a report of the incident. This doesn’t just help your pet, it can help others who might experience a problem with the groomer. Most lawyers suggest filing a claim in small claims court.

Advice From PETA

PETA (people for ethical treatment of animals) has more information to help you. The PETA website includes tips for dealing with suspected veterinarian or groomer abuse. PETA also mentions when to call a lawyer for help.

lethargic dog after groomer appointment

Philadelphia and New Jersey Injury Law Firm

There are plenty of personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Most lawyers only handle cases for people. Why is that? Because state laws only see pets as property.
If your dog or cat is the victim of a groomer injury, follow the steps above to get them help. Make sure to document everything and save all the receipts.

Our legal team has a big heart for animals. But, until laws change there is nothing we can do to help injured pets.