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Electronic Logging Devices on 18-Wheelers

In 2017, it became mandatory for all 18-wheelers to have electronic logging devices (ELD). The goal of the nationwide requirement is to improve public safety and the safety of truckers. Have electronic logging devices for truckers improved safety?

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How Many Hours Can A Trucker Drive?

Did you know there are rules on how many hours a truck driver can drive per day? There are also rules that dictate if and when a truck driver can get back behind the wheel. The rules were created to reduce driver fatigue and keep the roads safer.

How Do Truck Drivers Track Hours On The Road?

Before 2017, many truck drivers still relied on paper logs to track their driving time. With paper logs, it was possible for drivers to manipulate their driving time records. Electronic logging devices keep a digital record of how long the truck has been driving. An ELD cannot be manipulated or changed.

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Myths About ELDs

There are some common misconceptions and myths about electronic logging devices. Here are the common myths and the truth about ELDs.

Do ELDs automatically report violations to the DOT? No. The electronic logging device records driving hours but does not automatically report violations.

Do ELDs require trucker interaction while driving? No. If a driver uses a cellphone logging app, the app does not require any interaction. A truck driver should never touch their phone while driving.

Can the government see what truck drivers are doing? No. The government does not have default access to ELD data. However, employers are able to access ELD information and tracking data.

Can ELD data be used in a crash lawsuit? It depends. The data in an electronic logging device could be used to prove driving habits. The use of this data would depend on where the crash happened and the laws in that jurisdiction.

Do ELDs Make The Roads Safer?

While opponents claim electronic logging devices make trucking more dangerous, there is no evidence this is true. While truckers may drive faster to cover more miles in their shift, this is a choice to break the law.

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Electronic logging devices encourage truckers to stick to their hours of service and take required breaks. In doing so, truckers can drive safer.

Truck Driver Safety

Because trucks are so large and heavy, it is important that truck drivers follow the rules to keep the roads safe. Truck crashes can cause serious injuries and death to others.

Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a crash with an 18-wheeler, contact an injury attorney for help. A truck accident attorney at Kane & Silverman can help you protect your rights. Contact us for a free consultation with an attorney.