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Exactech Knee & Ankle Implants

What Is Exactech?

Exactech is a company based out of Gainesville, Florida. The company manufactures orthopedic implants. Exactech also manufactures medical devices and surgical instruments. These instruments and devices are typically related to the implants Exactech produces.

Exactech manufactures orthopedic implants for many different parts of the body, including hips, shoulders, knees, ankles, and more. However, Exactech has been named in a class action lawsuit due to faulty knee and ankle implants.

Why Implants Are Used

Orthopedic implants are intended to enhance the life of the recipient. Many people need implants due to an injury or arthritis. These implants are meant to replace worn joints and ligaments so the recipient can have a fully functioning and pain-free life. Most medical implants are intended to last for decades. While many people who get these implants are older, a replacement is typically never needed due to how long modern implants can last.

joint replacement implants

Premature Implant Failure

People who received implants manufactured by Exactech might experience a premature breakage or part failure. Not only do patients not have the implant they believed was going to last them for decades, they also have to undergo revision surgery to correct the problem. In some situations, broken pieces cause additional problems.

Exactech Recall

As previously stated, these orthopedic implants are intended to last for decades. When many Exactech implants began to stop working the way they were intended, these patients knew something was wrong. But, many times patients might believe their situation is rare.

In August of 2021, Exactech declared a recall on their knee and hip replacements. Combined, almost 300,000 patients have recalled knee and hip replacement devices. As if this recall wasn’t enough, another 40,000 devices were recalled in 2022, less than a year later. In some situations, the devices recalled in 2022 were replacements for devices recalled in 2021.

exactech knee replacement lawsuits

Packaging Problem

The company stated that the equipment was wearing out sooner than expected due to a packaging problem. This is a serious problem that impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients and their families. 

Problems With Medical Implants

When medical equipment malfunctions, it can create a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation for the patient. Companies must be held responsible for their negligence. 

Contact A Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a faulty knee or ankle replacement by Exactech, you may be eligible for financial compensation. To learn more about your eligibility and a potential lawsuit, it is best to consult a lawyer as soon as possible. Each case is different, and it is best to get personalized advice from a trusted attorney. At Kane and Silverman, we want to get you the money you deserve. Contact us to schedule a free legal consultation with an injury attorney.