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Fast Injury Settlements

Injury lawsuits can be a tedious, time-consuming experience. Not to mention, exhausting. Many people don’t have the financial means to wait for an injury settlement. This can lead people to search for fast injury settlements. Insurance companies and even some injury lawyers take advantage of people seeking fast injury settlements. Contact us for a free injury consultation.

philadelphia fast injury settlements law firm

Fast Injury Settlements Are A Bad Idea

Although it may sound like a good idea at the time, quickly settling your injury claim is a bad idea. Here, we share some common problems with settling an injury claim too fast.

Claims Take Time

Filing an injury claim takes time. There are many steps to take for the best result with your injury claim.

Here are the main steps in filing an injury claim:

  • obtain police reports
  • secure evidence (video, pictures, witness statements)
  • seek medical treatment
  • complete recommended medical treatment
  • request medical billing and treatment documents
  • obtain all relevant paperwork
  • file claim based on complete information

Building your claim is not an overnight process. Personal injury attorneys need the time required to adequately review all materials for your case. Any lawyer that wants to settle your case before you complete medical treatment doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

Insurance Companies Low-Ball Most Offers

An insurance company’s main priority is to offer the smallest amount possible. Also, note that some insurance adjusters receive bonuses based on lower settlements.

People anxious to settle their injury case will jump at the first or second offer. They take that settlement and realize later they still need more money for treatment. Or, they discover they are unable to work due to their injury. We get calls from these people all the time. If you’ve already settled your claim, it’s probably too late.

quick injury settlement problems

Cannot Reopen Your Injury Claim

In nearly every situation, it is impossible to reopen an injury claim after settlement. This is very important to consider when you think about a fast injury settlement. When you settle your injury claim, that is the only money you will ever receive.

Gathering Evidence Takes Time

If you are too quick to settle, your case may not have a chance to fully reveal itself. There may be evidence that makes the difference between a low and high payout.

Evidence is important to receive the right compensation for the injury/accident. Moving too fast removes the chance of the case and its evidence coming to light.

Full Extent of Injuries Unknown

Not allowing the proper time for medical treatment can land you in hot water. Following your doctor’s treatment plan will maximize your settlement. Additionally, some symptoms do not reveal themselves until later in the healing process.

If you settle too fast, long-term injuries are not considered in the settlement payment. Some symptoms get worse over time. You may be missing out on the money you need for future treatment.

philadelphia injury lawsuit

Fast Injury Settlement Lawyers

Lawyers that promise a fast injury settlement aren’t helpful. Frankly, they make good injury lawyers look bad. Injury lawyers promising a quick settlement are looking to make a quick buck with little effort.

It’s impossible to know the full cost of your injury until months or years later. A quick settlement is a big gamble for you that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t get stuck with the wrong injury lawyer. Talk to a local personal injury lawyer that cares about your situation.

Philadelphia Injury Lawyers At Kane & Silverman

In the end, a fast injury settlement can leave you in financial ruin. Talk to a local injury attorney about your situation. The legal team at Kane & Silverman cares about helping injured people. We understand the problems you face, and we’re here to help you.

Free Injury Consultations

Call us at 215-232-1000 today for a free injury consultation. Our lawyers will listen to your situation and discuss how the law can help you. You don’t pay us anything unless we get money for you.