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Feeling Sorry For The At-Fault Driver

After a collision, you may feel a lot of different emotions. Anger, fear, anxiety, and depression are very common. Although it sounds unlikely, another emotion felt after an accident is pity for the at-fault driver. In fact, it is common to feel sorry for the at-fault driver.

anger towards the at-fault driver

After An Accident

While you may be feeling bad for yourself and the injury that you are dealing with, it is not uncommon to feel bad for the person who caused the accident as well. When someone causes an accident, they are likely going to face consequences as a result.

Consequences For The At-Fault Driver

The at-fault driver usually faces some kind of consequence. Consequences may include financial loss or even legal penalties. Thinking about the consequences the other person faces should not deter you from getting the compensation that you deserve. 

Feeling Guilty After A Crash

The at-fault driver should feel guilty after causing a crash. They caused you, and possibly others, hardship because of their bad driving. The driver may try to make you feel bad for them to avoid the consequences. It is common to feel sympathetic, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting any money you deserve.

police car accident lawyer in pennsylvania

You Deserve Compensation

These feelings of guilt may arise from you not wanting the other person to experience consequences. You may be feeling sympathetic toward the person that hit you, and do not want them to face the ramifications of causing the accident. In extreme circumstances, you may even want to avoid receiving compensation as a result of this guilt. It is important to remember you are a victim in this situation. You deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering. 

How To Combat Guilt Following An Accident 

Feeling guilty for the person that hit you is understandable, but working through those feelings is important to your personal healing. Following an accident, you are facing a lot of emotions to work through and that may feel overwhelming. Knowing how to combat these feelings is important in overcoming them and making your way to recovery.

Consequences Of Neglect

It’s important to remember, the accident was not your fault. The consequences the other driver will face are not your fault. This is the result of their own neglect while driving.

serious car crash

You Deserve A Fair Settlement

You can’t let guilt discourage you from receiving a fair settlement in your claim, you may end up feeling worse. Feeling sorry for the at-fault driver is normal, but it shouldn’t stop you from recovering the money they owe you. It’s important to remember they did this to you.

Talk To An Injury Lawyer

To get compensation following an accident, reach out to a trusted vehicle accident lawyer to help you. At Kane & Silverman, we understand what you may be going through, and we are here to help guide you through this confusing time. Call us at 215-232-1000, or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.