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Fireworks Injury

Fireworks Injury Lawyer

Serving Philadelphia and New Jersey

Fireworks regulations have changed in Pennsylvania. Residents may now buy aerial fireworks in PA. Before, we were limited to sparklers and less dangerous fireworks. Of course, the possibility of a fireworks injury goes up with aerial fireworks.

crowd with fireworks - fireworks injury lawyer in philadelphia and new jersey

In New Jersey, it is still illegal to import or set off fireworks without a permit. However, if your injury is the result of someone else you may still have a case.

In Pennsylvania, each town will have its own regulations. In Philly, it is still illegal to set off aerial fireworks without a permit.

Fireworks Injury

Already, we have received several calls and emails from people injured by fireworks in PA. Sometimes, an injury comes from improper use of the fireworks. Additionally, a firework can have a manufacturing issue. Other times, there is a problem with how the firework explodes. Even storage can play a role in fireworks injuries.

What to do if You’re Injured by Fireworks

First, seek medical help. Your health and safety always come first. Second, document everything. Write down exactly what happened. Were there witnesses? Ask them what they saw. Write it all down. Collect any fragments of the exploded fireworks and save them in a sealed bag. Take pictures of the fireworks. A lot of people take videos of fireworks displays, make copies and save the videos if you have them.

firecracker injury is common - fireworks injuries lawyer

Liability for Fireworks Injury Claim

In a standard fireworks injury case, we would file a claim against the property owner. It’s not always a clear case. There are a lot of questions that need to be asked to determine who was negligent. Sometimes, the store that sells the fireworks may be at fault. Other times, there is a manufacturing defect. Having as much evidence as possible will strengthen your case.

Premises Liability Fireworks Injury

Let’s say you were at a friend’s house and they set off fireworks. If you were at a friend’s house and injured by fireworks a claim could go on their homeowner’s insurance. Most people won’t want to sue their friend. You’re not suing your friend, you are placing a claim against their insurance coverage. It’s possible to do this without losing your friendship. Additionally, a person cannot sue their own homeowner’s insurance for this type of injury.

When the fireworks are from a sporting event, concert or similar venue, a claim could go against the business property. An injury from a city or public display would need further investigation. Was the city or event responsible? Did they hire a contractor for the fireworks display? Most of these cases fall under premises liability.

pile of used fireworks - fireworks injury law firm

Defective Fireworks Injury Claim

We have come across a few claims where the firework was defective. When a firework does not work as intended, serious injuries happen. It can be hard to prove a firework was defective. By their very nature, fireworks explode and burn. This can make it hard to prove a defect. But, it is not impossible to prove. A defective product would be a product liability case.

When to Call a Lawyer

If you have a fireworks injury, find a lawyer you can trust. Call a lawyer as soon as possible. A good lawyer will be able to provide insight into your case. Almost all personal injury lawyers will give you a free consultation.

What to Expect From a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you schedule the consultation, you can expect a few things. First, you should expect to see an actual lawyer. Second, there will be paperwork to fill out. Paperwork lets the lawyer record your information and the details of your case. Third, both of you will have a lot of questions. Write down any questions you have before your meeting. Fourth, a good lawyer will give you honest advice. It may not be what you want to hear, but their advice is based on experience. Fifth a reputable lawyer won’t pressure you to sign with them, it’s your call. It’s important you feel comfortable with the lawyer you choose. You will be spending a lot of time with them. You’re trusting them to provide the best results possible. Lastly, a personal injury lawyer won’t charge you anything for their work unless they recover money in your case.

Philadelphia and New Jersey Fireworks Injury Law Firm

The legal team at Kane & Silverman work hard to provide the best results in your case. Our fireworks injury experts can help you. Call or text us today to set up your free and confidential consultation. Reach us anytime at 215-232-1000. If you prefer, fill out our online form and our legal team will contact you. We have offices in Philadelphia and New Jersey.
We understand what you’re going through and we’re here to help.