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Hair Treatment Chemical Burns 

Hair treatments are a popular way to get your hair looking just right. Chemical hair services include straightening, coloring, texturizer, relaxer, permanent wave, and specialty perms. Sometimes, extreme chemicals are used to achieve the desired results. These extreme products can lead to hair treatment chemical burns.

hair treatment chemical burn lawsuit

Dangers Of Chemical Hair Treatments

Chemical hair treatments can be dangerous if not used properly. These treatments typically involve the use of chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and formaldehyde, which can be harmful if they come into contact with the skin, eyes, or if they are inhaled.

Chemical treatments can cause chemical burns, allergic reactions, and other injuries to the scalp, skin, and hair. To reduce the risk of injury, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and to have the treatments performed by a licensed and experienced professional.

What is a Hair Treatment Chemical Burn?

There are a variety of hair treatments to choose from at salons. Unfortunately, injuries can occur if these treatments are not done properly. Only skilled hair technicians should apply chemical hair treatments.

Hair treatments can cause chemical burns. Salon technicians must pay attention to exposure time and any signs of a negative reaction. If the technician neglects this duty, a serious injury can occur.

Hair Treatment Chemical Burn Injuries

A hair treatment chemical burn can cause serious and lasting injuries. Common hair treatment burn injuries include:

  • first-degree burn
  • second-degree burn
  • third-degree burn
  • swelling 
  • blisters
  • bald spots
  • temporary OR permanent hair loss
  • scarring

Severe injuries can also occur if the hair chemicals are spilled on other parts of the body. Injuries can include nerve damage and loss of vision. Even more surprisingly, certain chemicals can react negatively with prescription medication. Salon workers must discuss these factors with their customers before any hair treatment.

salon injury lawyer

Can I Sue the Salon for Chemical Burns?

People with hair treatment chemical burns may have a legal claim against the salon. If you have a hair treatment chemical burn, you may have a valid claim against the salon. An attorney can help assess the situation and advise the best way to proceed.

Document as much of the incident as you can. Write down what happened, the date it happened, and any details you remember. Take pictures of your injury. Finally, contact a personal injury attorney for help.

When To Contact An Injury Lawyer

Salon owners and their employees must be properly trained to work with harmful chemicals. Hazardous materials and gross negligence can lead to injuries. Some of these injuries may even be lifelong.

If you experienced hair treatment chemical burns or other injuries from a hair salon, we want to hear from you. Call us today to discuss your legal claim. You may be entitled to compensation due to the salon’s negligence.

Kane & Silverman Personal Injury Law Firm

At Kane & Silverman we have helped others with salon hair treatment chemical burns and we want to help you. We are a small law firm serving injured people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Contact us for a free injury consultation with an attorney. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for you. No win, no fee.