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Harley Davidson Recall

Harley Davidson Recall

Most of us aren’t thinking about motorcycle season yet, it’s only February. A Harley Davidson recall ordered last week could change that.

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How Many Motorcycles on Recall?

Almost 175,000 Harley Davidson motorcycles are on recall. This Harley Davidson recall covers a possible brake failure. If you have a Harley on the recall list, be sure to have it fixed immediately.

Scope of the Harley Davidson Recall

The motorcycles on recall were produced between 2008 to 2011. 30 models are on the recall list. So far, there have been 43 complaints filed. 3 crashes, 2 injuries in connection with this brake issue.

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Is Your Harley on the Recall List?

Harley Davidson has set up a website to check recalls on your specific bike. It’s simple, enter your VIN and click the “check now” button. From there, you will need to schedule an appointment if necessary. Contact your nearest Harley service center.

What to do if Your Harley is on Recall

Schedule your recall service as soon as possible.

Don’t wait, this is a serious recall item. Brake failure can kill a motorcycle rider. It can also seriously injure other people on the road.

Take Extra Precautions

This Harley Davidson recall covers brake failures. Speak with the service center and determine if the bike needs to be towed. Your safety is more important. Don’t ride the motorcycle until repairs are complete.

Ask if There Are Other Recall Items

While your Harley is in for repairs, check if any other recall items need to be repaired. Speak with the service department beforehand to determine if other recall items exist.

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Product Liability Law Firm

A defective or dangerous product injury usually falls under product liability. In this case, Harley Davidson produced motorcycles with defective brake systems. The brake manufacturer may also be liable for injury or death from using their product.
In New Jersey and Philadelphia, trust the product liability lawyers at Kane & Silverman. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation. Get free answers to your legal questions – no obligation, no pressure.

Motorcycle Injury Law Firm

We also handle motorcycle injury cases. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, call us for a free legal consultation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will work to get you the money you deserve.

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