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Hidden Handles and Motorized Doors

Newer vehicles are incorporating some interesting tech features that are catching the eyes of potential buyers.

Vehicle manufacturers incorporate some new technology to impress potential buyers. However, new tech and gadgets may not fully consider safety in emergency situations.

Buyers looking for a new car are often caught up in the newest and coolest technology. They don’t consider the safety hazards of these new features. However, if you are a potential buyer looking for a new car it is important to understand that not all new technology is always better. In this article, we discuss hidden handles and motorized doors.

hidden handles safety hazard on newer cars

What Are Hidden Door Handles?

Like the name implies, hidden door handles are ‘hidden’ on a car door. The handles don’t actually disappear, but lie flush with the car door. When the driver approaches, the handles slide out so the driver can open the door. If the driver leaves, the handles move into a flush position again.

What Are Motorized Car Doors?

Motorized car doors open or close with the touch of a button. Many SUVs and minivans have motorized doors for passengers or the rear hatch. Some manufacturers have included motorized doors for the driver and front passenger. 

Tech Features Not Always Safe

While these motorized features sound convenient, they may not always be safe. It’s possible some features may be serious safety hazards that haven’t been well thought out from a safety standpoint. Does anyone remember pop-up headlights? Pop-up headlights were popular in the 80s, but soon died out. This style of headlights was a safety hazard and earned drivers more than a few tickets when the motors stopped working.

pop-up headlights unsafe technology

While new technology and features can be great, are they safe? It is possible for car manufacturers to include certain features without proper safety testing.

How Are These Features Unsafe?

It’s normal to question how something as simple as a hidden door handle could be unsafe. How can a motorized car door be unsafe? It may be easy to overlook these features as safety hazards because they have little to do with the actual driving of the car. That doesn’t mean there aren’t situations where these features can become a hazard. 

New tech features might be impressive, but the tech can also create a safety hazard. How can hidden door handles or motorized doors be unsafe? We see how hidden handles and motorized doors are hazardous in a story about Tesla’s use of these features.

Tesla As An Example

We’re using a story from the news to illustrate the problem. This issue could be possible with any vehicle that uses motorized doors. Tesla cars are marketed as some of the safest cars you can buy, this is measured by crash safety ratings. However, crash tests happen in controlled environments. It is important to understand a crash can alter the shape and functionality of a vehicle and its components.

motorized door handles wrongful death case

Tech Feature Hazards From The News

If a vehicle is involved in a crash, rescue should not be hindered by tech features and gadgets. A story from the news illustrates a problem where tech can cause a serious delay in rescue. Let’s discuss Omar Awan.

Dr. Omar Awan Car Crash

Dr. Omar Awan was running a few errands near his home. At some point, his 2016 Tesla S crashed. It quickly caught on fire. Bystanders and first responders tried to rescue Dr. Awan, but were unable to open the car’s doors. The door handles were hidden. The fire spread quickly and made it impossible for bystanders to break the windows to remove the doctor from the vehicle.

While Dr. Awan was alive after the crash, he died of his exposure to the fire and smoke inhalation. Had bystanders been able to gain access to the vehicle, he might still be alive.

Stay Safe With New Technology

We live in a world of continually evolving technology. It’s amazing, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of safety. When vehicle technology causes an injury or makes an injury worse, you might have a legal case.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a malfunction in a car, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our trusted attorneys today.