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Hotel Sex Trafficking Lawsuits

In recent years, attorneys have had an impact in shutting down sex trafficking in hotels. This is possible in Pennsylvania with a civil lawsuit against the hotel on behalf of sex trafficking victims. Is it possible to sue a hotel for enabling this kind of activity? If you are a victim of sex trafficking in Pennsylvania, an attorney may be able to help you get justice.

hotel sex trafficking lawsuits in pennsylvania

Sex Trafficking Is Illegal

Trafficking sex is the act of using force, fraud, or coercion to induce another person to sell sex. Sex trafficking is a crime. Common forms of trafficking involve many types of sex acts, including the production of pornographic materials, escort services, penetrative sex, and more.

Important sex trafficking information from the Polaris Project

Sometimes, a sex trafficking survivor may not recognize themselves as being used for trafficking. They may have been groomed to participate by the sex trafficker in a way that the victim believes they are a willing participant in a commercial sex transaction.

Sex Trafficking Of Minors

The act of sex trafficking minors is especially terrible and harmful to the physical and mental development of a young person. Children are lured or forced into sex trafficking in a variety of ways. When child sex trafficking is facilitated at a hotel or motel in Pennsylvania, it may be possible to sue the hotel.

Sex Trafficking In Hotels

Sex trafficking is often very obvious. A consistent stream of visitors, mostly male, visiting a room or rooms at the hotel. The visitors don’t stay long and usually leave before the next visitor arrives. This is typical of nearly all sex trafficking that occurs at hotels. Activity like this would draw the attention of workers at the hotel. Additionally, hotels are obligated by the law to report suspicious activity related to suspected sex trafficking.

sex trafficking lawsuits in pennsylvania

Hotels Enable Sex Trafficking

How do hotels and motels enable sex trafficking? Sex traffickers use places like hotels and motels to book rooms for customers to engage in sexual encounters with victims. Hotels are required by federal law to report suspected trafficking. With basic training, hotel staff can easily identify possible sex trafficking activity. Many states require staff at hotels to receive training to identify sex trafficking. However, some hotels choose to turn a blind eye in exchange for regularly-rented rooms.

We have found in some cases the hotel or hotel staff has made arrangements with the trafficker(s) to enable this activity. Not only does the hotel break the law, the hotel profits from sex trafficking.

Hotel Sex Trafficking Lawsuits

The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 provides civil liability for individuals and businesses that knowingly benefit from sex trafficking. Since the hotel potentially earns a profit from this illegal activity, it has an obligation to report suspicious activity to authorities. If the hotel does not report suspicious activity, there may be grounds for a lawsuit to hold the hotel financially responsible for the harm caused to victims. There have been a limited number of successful lawsuits in Pennsylvania. Successful lawsuits against hotel sex trafficking have involved minors.

Do I Have A Case?

If you were the victim of sex trafficking at a hotel in Pennsylvania, we may be able to help you find justice. So far, the successful sex trafficking lawsuits have involved minors who were exploited at hotels in Pennsylvania. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation with a sex trafficking victim attorney to discuss your case. We understand this situation is difficult for many people who were manipulated into sex trafficking. We are here to help.