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Incredible Acts Of Negligence 

Often, drivers don’t consider the dangers of their own negligence. We’ve all seen drivers that are looking at their phones instead of the road. But, there are drivers out there taking negligence to a new extreme. Unfortunately, reckless driving can be made worse by incredible acts of negligence. When drivers operate their vehicles with such negligence, it can put their lives and the lives of everyone else on the road in danger. By looking at a few examples of drivers committing incredible acts of negligence, we can better understand this term and the risks that are associated with these behaviors. 

Driver Towing SUV with a U-Haul

A driver in Washington state decided to transport an SUV in the back of a U-Haul truck. The SUV did not fit fully into the U-Haul and had its rear wheels sticking out the back. The SUV appeared to be secured by a single ratchet strap. This bad decision by one driver had the potential to injure or kill multiple people on the highway. Luckily this situation was stopped before anything traumatic happened. It is unknown how long the driver was on the road before police pulled them over.

The reckless driver in this situation was fined an amount of $139. Not only was the driver attempting to travel with oversized cargo, but the cargo in question was not properly secured. We hope the wide reach of this story prevents other drivers from attempting the same method of towing a vehicle.

Drunk Man Drives To DUI Court Hearing

Intoxicated driving is a prime example of reckless and dangerous driving. Not only is this action illegal, but driving while impaired puts all lives on the road in danger. People cannot function properly while under the influence of any amount of alcohol or drugs and should not be operating vehicles. We have seen the devastation caused by drunk drivers, and it is why we handle drunk driver injury claims.

drunk driver injury dangerous driving

The man in this story was caught driving drunk in April of 2022. He crashed his vehicle into a fence and failed three different sobriety tests. A breathalyzer test revealed that his blood alcohol level was .152%, almost double the legal limit. This was not this man’s first time getting caught drunk driving. He had two prior incidents the previous year. Somehow, this was not enough to stop him from driving drunk again.

Apparently, this man was drunk when he arrived in court for his DUI hearing. Officers discovered the man had driven himself, while intoxicated, to the courthouse.

Addiction is a terrible thing, but it is no excuse. This man exhibits incredible negligence by repeatedly driving under the influence. It is never okay to drive under the influence. To continue doing this after being caught multiple times is extremely negligent and puts lives in danger.

Flying Tesla

This video shows a driver operating a tesla in an incredibly negligent manner. This is not a closed course. This is not a professional driver. Notice the people standing around? The driver speeds up a hill only to go airborne down the other side. The Tesla is in the air for a couple of seconds before slamming back down onto the road where it collided with two parked vehicles. It’s obvious the driver has no control.

This is incredibly negligent behavior in itself, but the fact that this took place in a neighborhood where people live is another layer of negligence. Sure, there is the risk of damage to nearby property and vehicles. More importantly, operating a vehicle in this manner puts the driver and the people nearby at risk of injury or death. There is no need to ever attempt to pull a stunt like this, especially in a public residential area.

ATV Drivers On Public Streets

Although it is illegal to operate ATVs on public streets, many people ignore this law and continue to do it in cities like Philadelphia. Philadelphia has been dealing with this problem for years, but there has been no luck in stopping this incredibly negligent behavior. When people operate ATVs on public streets, it puts all people in the area in danger. In May of 2022, two men riding an ATV illegally ran a red light and were seriously injured by an SUV as a result. The SUV struck the ATV and dragged the vehicle 50 feet before both males on the ATV were thrown off.

atv injury claims lawyer

While these men are lucky to be alive, they are facing serious consequences. One of the men may lose both of his legs, while the other will potentially lose only one of his legs. This act of negligence forever changed the quality of their lives. On top of this, there are criminal charges pending against the driver of the ATV. This is a prime example of the risk you face when being incredibly negligent.

Stay Safe On The Roads

These examples are only a few of many examples of incredible acts of negligence that happen every day. It is so important to remain focused, undistracted, and alert when operating a vehicle.

If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation. Talk with an experienced lawyer to learn more about your rights. Contact the attorneys at Kane & Silverman for a free injury claim evaluation. We can help you get the money you deserve.