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Is My Car Insurance Good? 

Car insurance is one of those things most people pay for and plan to never use. If you plan to drive a vehicle, you must have car insurance—it’s the law. You’re not necessarily required to have good insurance. Is my car insurance good? Find out how to choose good car insurance coverage for you.

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Here is the information that will help you determine if your car insurance is good:

What Are The Benefits Of Car Good Insurance?

There are many benefits of car insurance. They include both are not limited to:

  • pay now, save later
  • save time and a headache
  • protect yourself and others
  • supplement health insurance
  • provide peace of mind

Understanding Your Car Insurance Coverage

Understanding coverage is the first step in making sure you have good car insurance. State minimum car insurance covers damage to other people’s vehicles and property. It also covers injuries you might cause to other people. But in Pennsylvania, it does not cover damage to your vehicle. Additionally, state minimum coverage doesn’t really cover your medical expenses if you get hurt.

What Makes Car Insurance Good?

The old saying ‘You get what you pay for’ is true regarding insurance. If you are paying for state minimum coverage, you aren’t paying for the coverage YOU need.

Car insurance was designed to protect you and others. Basic car insurance helps protect you from lawsuits, but it doesn’t do much for you. When purchasing coverage, it’s important to select the options that cover you.

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Here are several factors that make a good car insurance policy:

Full Tort Or Limited Tort?

Tort is the option to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver in a crash. This is one of the most important options when you purchase coverage.

Full Tort – Allows you to seek additional compensation when you are injured in a crash. Full tort policyholders can sue for pain and suffering. This can help those seriously injured to have actual money to help them live a normal life.

Limited Tort – Only allows you to seek compensation for actual out-of-pocket losses. In Pennsylvania, there are certain situations that allow limited tort policyholders to seek full tort compensation.

Comprehensive And Collision Coverage

Do you need your car? If you were involved in a crash, or your vehicle was stolen do you need coverage that would repair or replace your car? Collision and comprehensive coverage options protect you.

Collision Coverage – Covers your car when it is damaged in a crash. Collision coverage will pay to repair or replace your car, up to the coverage limit. It doesn’t matter if you or the other driver are at fault. 

Comprehensive Coverage – Pays to repair or replace your vehicle when it is damaged outside of a crash. Theft, trees/falling objects, fire, natural disasters, and animal damage – are covered under comprehensive.

Car Rental Coverage

Many people would experience a real hardship if their car needs to be in a shop after a crash. Vehicle damage can take a while to fix – weeks or months. How would you get to work? Car rental coverage is cheap and can help you get back on the road while your car is being repaired after a covered incident.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Many things can happen when you are on the road other than an accident, like locking your keys in the car. Roadside assistance was designed to help you.

pennsylvania state minimum car insurance injury lawyer

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What Makes a Bad Car Insurance Policy?

The majority of experts recommend opting for an insurance policy that’s more than the bare minimum. If you have the financial means, you should consider the coverage options that will help you.

Bad Insurance Companies

Your car insurance is only as good as the company you buy it from. Working in personal injury law, we interact with all insurance companies. While we won’t name them here, there are good and bad insurance companies.

Most people find out what kind of insurance company they have after a crash. If you weren’t at fault in a crash, you’ll find out what kind of insurance company the at-fault driver has too.

Kane & Silverman Injury Law Firm

At Kane & Silverman, we help people. If you are dealing with injuries after a car crash or having trouble dealing with insurance companies, we are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation with an attorney. We will help you understand your rights and your options.