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Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder lawsuit ends in $417 million award


Johnson's Baby Powder lawsuit links product to cancer

The problem with Johnson’s Baby Powder

In the 1970’s and before, talc powder contained asbestos. Asbestos exposure can lead to cancer. Talc powder has been asbestos-free since the late 1970’s. Research suggests talc powder may or may not be a cause. According to the American Cancer Society, several studies have been conducted using talc.

The Baby Powder lawsuit

In Los Angeles, CA a jury has awarded Eva Echeverria a record $417 million in damages. Her case against Johnson & Johnson has gained national attention. The case connects the use of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder to the ovarian cancer in Mrs. Echeverria.
Eva had used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder since the 1950’s. In 2007, she received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Mrs. Echeverria remains hospitalized and continues to receive treatment. Eva’s attorney found evidence that Johnson & Johnson had knowledge of the connection between the talc in their product and cancer. Internal documents over 30 years revealed the company was aware of the cancer risks. Johnson & Johnson ignored this and did not warn women of the danger.
Johnson & Johnson has stated they will appeal the decision against Mrs. Echeverria. They continue to maintain the safety in using their product. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder contains no warning of cancer risk on the packaging.

Legal action against Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

Legal cases in several states have shown the connection between using the baby powder and cancer. Awards for damages in those cases range from $55 million to $110.5 million. Not all cases against Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder have been successful. Several legal cases have failed to show the relation of the product to the cancer.
Read more details on the baby powder lawsuit story on Yahoo Finance.


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